Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our first official haircuts!

 Miss Mak, she looks thrilled! But she went first and was proud of herself after.
 Miss Maysie went second and never moved!
Miss Jaeli was scared at first, but I think after seeing her sisters do it, she gave it a try.

They all did really good. I think for the little they got cut off it was a waste of money. We will be going to Grandma J from here on out. I just wanted to see how well they would do and get it trimmed up before they start school tomorrow!

I now see that the twins have my hair, its a natural curl throughout that wont go away and can't do anything with it. And Mak has straight as can be hair.

Good job girls, so proud of you for being patient while we waited and sitting there without crying! They are getting so big. We have taken so many trips to the store lately and taking them out to do other things in general now that they are older and listen better - they are actually starting to answer people when they talk to them. I think school will help with it a lot too. They were not happy to leave after orientation today and JJ did cry cause she wanted to stay and play. And Maysie did not want anyone to take her baby doll. Had to explain to her it was not hers and she has to share. We will see how it goes. They are getting too big too fast!

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