Thursday, August 23, 2012

Makenna's Surgery... Endoscopy

 Went to Dave and Busters with Aunt Jarilyn the night before surgery. She LOVES this place and has awesome luck. She got a total of 2300 tickets and got herself a Unicorn that she adores!
 Second game, she hit 1000!
 Waiting to go back her surgery waiting room.
 Starting to get nervous.
 She was happy to hear they were not going to give her a shot (until after she was put to sleep).
 Playing with toys while waiting to go back.
The nurse is explaning to her what will be happening and practicing on her unicorn. The nurse was great and made her feel very comfortable!

Finally settled back in from our hospital trip to Riley Children's Hospital for Makenna's Endoscopy, it was a long day. Mak did awesome, she didn't cry before they took her so they didn't have to sedate her which was great thanks to one of the nurses that became her friend while waiting. She came back and told us she passed out very quickly and calmly. Only took about a half an hour and then the doctor came in and talk to us. He said from what he saw everything looks great and he took biopsies of her esophagus, stomach and small intestines and that's where he thinks the results will be if there will be any, to see if she is breaking up the sugars the way she is supposed to be and a few other things. This was more of a due diligence type of test to rule things out so we know where to go from here. He has a couple test he would like to do if nothing comes of this but no more procedures, which is good! He did say he did not see any signs of Celiac, so that is a plus. She had a rash today from sneaking ice cream the other day so he was able to see that today which is good also. We had to wait a little longer for her to wake up after we talked to the doctor. All of a sudden I heard a child crying and thought that sounds so familiar, I bet its Mak! I looked out and saw her sitting up on the bed as the nurse was rolling it down the hall way, yelling, OUCH, OUCH and crying very loudly. They had to give her an IV after they put her out to keep fluids in her. The nurse would not take it out until she drank some water, that was a struggle but finally got it out and she calmed down a bit. She was a little groggy but that is to be expected! So now we just wait.

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