Thursday, February 7, 2013

Makenna's Sugar Test

 Got to Indy early, so went to Aunt Jarilyn's for a bit!
 Mak looks so tired, but she did great! Jace having fun!
 These are the sugar drinks... she sucked them right down!

We took Makenna to Riley on Monday. Doctor contacted Baylor University in TX and they suggested she take their Sucrose/Starch Breath Test. It is a study they are doing on kids with GI issues who have belly aches. The test was no cost to us, I am sure the visit to Riley will be though. But cheaper than going to Texas! She did great, no reactions during the test and waited patiently on an empty stomach. Three days later we are starting to see some reaction though. One new reaction is wetting herself. Makenna does not like to pee her pants, so I know this is uncontrollable. She will go potty and then seconds after she is done will wet herself, usually just a little. She said she did not know she wasn’t done. It’s weird. But many of the other moms dealing with similar issues with sugar said their kids do the same thing during a bad reaction. This has only happened one other time and that was during a really bad episode about 6 months ago. Since we got home Monday, it has happened three times. Her rage started last night and not sure about the rash. She has had it constantly for awhile now. So we will see how she does in the next few days. I was afraid she would react. I really didn’t think she would. I thought both drinks she had to take were “good” sugars, but maybe I was wrong and that is why we still have to deal with her episodes. Maybe it is the answer we have been looking for. Hopefully we get the results back in a couple weeks. Depending on the results, she may or may not be entered into an enzyme trial that might help her symptoms when eating foods she normally can’t eat.

We took Jace with us too and left the twins with my mom and Josh’s mom since they had school. He was a handful as usual. But I think he enjoyed being away and doing something new. Mak enjoyed having him too. We were even able to make a short visit to Aunt Jarilyn’s before the appointment!

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