Friday, April 19, 2013

Triplets have their first Dentist appointment!

Makenna did great! She went first of course. The hygienist noticed a cracked back tooth though. She said Makenna's teeth looked great and she has lots of room to grow. She had very little plaque. Assuming it is due to the lack of sugar in her diet... good thing! She gave me a bunch of samples of the ONLY toothpaste we have found that she can tolerate. So the Dentist came in and right away noticed the problem with her tooth and said it needs to be fixed. So she will be going back to have that done. Because baby teeth are so fragile, it is important to get it fixed before it starts to decay. Oh and she will lose her front teeth first! Not loose yet, but getting close.

And Miss Jaeli went last. She was not sure if she wanted to go but she did! She had a smile on her face the whole time. It was so cute. Her mouth is the smallest of the three, so that will cause problems in the future when she gets her adult teeth in. I see braces in her future... yikes! She had a lot of plaque on her teeth... we need to work with her more to make sure she is brushing better.

Miss Maysie was excited to go second! She actually talked and did really well. Her mouth is small as well and will most likely have issues when her adult teeth come in as well. So far, 2 sets of braces for sure in our future. Her teeth looked really good though, she did have some plaque but normal for her age.

Good job girls! You all did great! We are to bring them in for an official cleaning when we feel they need it. This was just a "Happy Visit" to see how they do. I think they will do great... but might split them up into separate appointments. We will see. Josh and Jace go next month. I think we need to find a sitter to help out with Jace. Thank goodness my mom was there to help watch the girls while I got my teeth cleaned.

Friday, April 12, 2013

First time outside this Spring!

 JJ having fun playing at the park!
 Jace trying to get a picture but the sun was in his eyes!
 Maysie and Mak going down the slide together!
The girls have a blast! It was a nice day so we took them to the park for a couple hours and then out to dinner afterwards. They are so excited for camping and keep asking so thought this would help with the wait a little!


Ready for church! We have found a new church to attend with my parents. I was raised going to church and enjoyed the experience and just the overall life. So I want to offer them that as well. They had a great time and did really well!
 Handsome boy!
 Jace found his basket by the couch!
 Mak found hers by the table!
 Maysie found hers in the kitchen!
 Checking out their toys. JJ was still sleeping!
Once miss JJ got up, with help from the others, she found hers behind the other couch!

Asking for pictures & Lions

 They, specifically Mak, loves to get their picture taken and will ask me all the time to do it.
 Jace and his Lions! LOL
 Jace taking a nap with his Lions!
Such cute Lions!