Wednesday, June 19, 2013

RIP Grandpa Jack, You Will Be Missed

This photo was taken the morning of Wednesday, June 12th before we headed to the hospital.

On Thursday, June 13th, we lost a very important person in our lives. Josh’s dad, Jack passed away early Thursday morning with Josh and Jarilyn by his side.

Jack had been suffering with unexplained pain for over 2 years. We were finally starting to get some answers, but it was too late. Jack was ready to go. I can’t imagine living with the kind of pain he was in for as long as he did. But he did... he did it for the kids.

Jack was the best Grandpa you could ask for. He had been here for us since day 1. He even lived with us for a year or so when the triplets were itty bitty.

Makenna was his buddy. She was the easiest to feed, and the fastest eater... so he always fed her. They became very close and she adored him.

Jace came along and he was much harder for me than the triplets, mostly because I decided to nurse him and we were in the middle of a move. Jack came over to the new house every day and sat with him until feeding time just so I could get stuff done. Without him, I would have never had time for anything. Jace was a very needy baby and Jack stepped right in and cared for him whenever I needed.

I decided to go back to work full-time and Josh was going to have to become Mr. Mom during the mornings. It was a huge change for him so Jack started to come over every morning Josh had them. When he got really sick and not able to make it over as much, we realized then just how important he was in our lives.

Jack got the kids involved on the tablets and smartphones, playing learning games, watching moves and drawing. We have two tablets and two smartphones for them to play with and every morning when Grandpa came over, that is what they did! They know it better than mommy and daddy! I think Jaeli and Maysie loved that time with Grandpa more than any other times. Jaeli is just obsessed with it and Maysie enjoyed the attention that came along with it. There was one night, soon after Jack got admitted to the hospital that Maysie showed her sadness. It had to be a week or so after because it had been awhile since they played on the tablets. Well that morning I had let Maysie play on it. And that night, I will never forget it, she came out of her room crying hysterically, real tears and all. I had to calm her down to figure out what she was saying. She told me she missed Grandpa and wanted him to come back. It broke my heart.

We mad many visits to the hospital. I think it scared them at times, but they enjoyed doing it. And I know Grandpa Jack enjoyed it too. We had hope he would make it out, start Chemo and just maybe get through it. We knew our hopes were high. The last couple months were extremely rough for him and unfortunately he got Septic Shock and passed away a couple days later.

Jack held on as long as he could for the kids. They were his world, they were all he had besides Jarilyn and Josh. He loved them more than anything else. He fought hard, he suffered through the pain each and every day just to see them one more time. My only fear is the kids will forget him. Soon, I plan to print some pictures of him and frame them and put them in their room. I hope since they saw him almost every day, they wont forget, but only being 3 & 5, the chances are pretty good they will and I will do all I can to make sure that does not happen.

Josh and Jarilyn are doing okay, it was very hard for all of us. I think the kids helped bring Josh and Jarilyn closer to Jack. I know he meant a lot to both of them. The last few years will always be cherished by all of us.

It took us a few days to tell the kids. What do you say to them? How do you explain it so they understand? There is no way. We had some balloons and let them write their name on a little card that said “I Love You” Grandpa and they got to let it go and watch it fly away up high in the sky and eventually reach Grandpa up in heaven. A couple of them were upset they couldn’t keep their balloon and the other two seemed to understand a little bit. Some day they will understand. Until then, we just have to keep talking about him to keep his memory fresh in their minds.

RIP Grandpa Jack, you will be missed greatly!

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