Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lots of Summe Pictures!

 The Fantastic Four!
 This was their last day of school.
 Jaeli Jo
 Maysie J
 Miss Makenna
 Mr. Jace... love the shoes! That is what happens when you have 3 sisters!
 Fun outside, Mak & Jace!
 Maysie? Can't see her face.
 Mak and Jaeli!
 Jace loves his toy!
 Preschool graduation
 Jaeli's and her flower she planted.
 Maysie and her flower!
 Makenna very proud of her flower.
 Yum Yum on a hot day!
 A visit to the zoo
 Having fun
 We need to go more often, they love the zoo!
 No clue what this was taken for??
 Jace having fun in the cart at the store.
 Humm?? Bible School I believe.
 She looks...
 Jaeli cute as ever!
 Jace is finally potty trained, except bed and nap. He is doing really good!
 Celebrating Greg's birthday.
 Maysie with Rupunzel at her birthday party.
 Jaeli with Rupunzel
 Makenna with Rupunzel
Even Jace wanted a picture!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trying to play Duck, Duck, Goose!

Bible School!

My kids are so so shy! They refused to stand up in front of all the people and sing like they had practiced all week. They seemed to enjoy it though. Josh had some trouble leaving JJ and MJ each morning, they cried for a bit. Makenna had no problem and even made a friend. Since Jace is not potty trained, he could not go. Maybe next year!

Forth of July Fun

 More pictures to come, but this is how we have our beds layed out now. They each get their own! Less fighting that way. Jace and Jaeli were falling off though, so I made some bed rails out of their old doll houses! Worked out pretty good. Jace sleeps on the orange bench, Jaeli on the right bench, Maysie on the left bench and Makenna all the way in the bed bed in the back.
No fireworks were allowed at the campground, so we did some Sunday when we came home. Maybe next year we will take them somewhere to watch!

First Haircuts... well more than an inch!

 This is actually my hair, I got 10 inches cut off and donated it to Locks of Love!
 I think this is Makenna!
 Miss Mak with 7 inches cut off!
 Miss Maysie, I don't think she moved at all!
 Miss Jaeli, she moved lots!
 Maysie with 7 inches cut off!
 Jaeli with 7 inches cut and making a fix... cause she moved so much!
They love their short hair! They wanted to look like mommy!

They LOVE their big Princess Castle!

Happy 5th Birthday Girls

Triplets 5th Birthday Parties!

Took the kids out for Ice Cream (Frozen Lemonade for Mak) a few days before their birthday. They did great and loved it!
 Made 5 little princess cakes for their 2 birthday parties. They turned out so good!
 Allissa doing their hair for their party. Thanks Allissa, it looked so cute!
 They said they wanted a princess castle for their birthday, a really big one. So instead of spending bunches of money on a plastic or even wooden doll house that would be destroyed in a few months, I just made it myself out of bookshelves. Hopefully it survives more than a year!
 Ready for Rupunzel, they are excited to look just like her!
 Yummy cake!
 Play pin the tongue on Pascal!
 Playing the Rupunzel version of Duck, Duck, Goose!
 Here are 10 of the 11 girls and minus Jace. They all seemed to have a good time.
 Talking with Rupunzel.
 Getting ready to open presents on their Birthday.
 They sure do love presents!
And they LOVED their castle!