Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lots of Summe Pictures!

 The Fantastic Four!
 This was their last day of school.
 Jaeli Jo
 Maysie J
 Miss Makenna
 Mr. Jace... love the shoes! That is what happens when you have 3 sisters!
 Fun outside, Mak & Jace!
 Maysie? Can't see her face.
 Mak and Jaeli!
 Jace loves his toy!
 Preschool graduation
 Jaeli's and her flower she planted.
 Maysie and her flower!
 Makenna very proud of her flower.
 Yum Yum on a hot day!
 A visit to the zoo
 Having fun
 We need to go more often, they love the zoo!
 No clue what this was taken for??
 Jace having fun in the cart at the store.
 Humm?? Bible School I believe.
 She looks...
 Jaeli cute as ever!
 Jace is finally potty trained, except bed and nap. He is doing really good!
 Celebrating Greg's birthday.
 Maysie with Rupunzel at her birthday party.
 Jaeli with Rupunzel
 Makenna with Rupunzel
Even Jace wanted a picture!

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