Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First day of Kindergarten!

 The girls are ready to go!
 Mak wanted individual pictures!
 Maysie a bit worried!
 Jaeli seemed happy to go!
 Ready to go wait on the bus!
 Waiting close to the street for the bus to arrive!
 There goes the bus... see a little of JJ where the red arrow is.
 Jace after we got back from buying him a book bag for school tomorrow!
 Here they come!
 They get off and start running up the driveway and of course Jace starts running to them! So cute!
And they are home, they survived their first day... well Maysie looks a little rough!

I did not want to miss this day! So Josh and I got up today at 7 a.m. to get ready for the bus that was arriving a little after 8 a.m. School starts at 9 a.m., so that means they will be on the bus for about 45 minutes.

Makenna and Maysie were already up and Josh got Jaeli up, which she was not happy about. We let Jace sleep a little more.

They each ate a bowl of cereal and then went to brush their teeth. Josh decided to get Jace up at this point and he as a little tired and refused to eat... he eventually woke up!

So after brushing their teeth, they each got dressed and put their shoes on and I then talked to them about getting on and off the bus and put on their name tags.

We then sat around for a bit, took pictures and impatiently waiting, we went outside about 7:45 to wait for the bus... after hugs and kisses of course. I also promised them a trip to the Library after school if they did not cry getting onto the bus.

Jace of course had to come outside with us. He did pretty good waiting on the porch and not going to the road with the girls where we asked them to stand and wait by a tree until the bus arrived.

Maysie kept moving a few feet closer to me every couple minutes or so and I would have to ask her to stand by the tree. She just kept asking for me... so I knew there may be problems when the bus arrived.

After waiting about 10 minutes JJ and MJ said they were cold, so we put jackets on and continued to wait. Mak came up after they put theirs on and asked for hers.

So about 8:10 a.m. the bus arrives! I tell them to hurry and get on the bus. Maysie stands still and asks for me over and over. So I walk down there and hold her hand to the bus. They all three walked right on and I stood back as the driver shut the door. I then watched them drive away.

At that time I had tears in my eyes, realizing a new chapter in our lives was beginning and the last 5 years was coming to a close. It is sad and happy at the same time. I am sad my babies have grown so quick and 5 years flew by. I ask myself, are they ready? What will come at the end of the year? Will they be where they need to be? Time will tell and we will figure it out I am sure. A part of me was sad they did not have tears as they left our side... but happy they are strong enough to get on the bus all by themselves, all alone, scared and nervous.

I sat wondering all day how they were doing, what were they doing? Are they crying for me, are they having fun? I know after a few days they will get used to it and it will become their normal routine and wont think twice about missing me, missing Josh and Grandma B :-(. They have spent every day for the last 5 years with either Josh, myself, Grandma B or Grandma J and no one else but on the rare occasion.

The time has come to let them be big girls!

After lunch, Josh and I took Jace to the school for Preschool orientation. School for him starts tomorrow. He will be going Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12:45 to 3:30 p.m. and riding the bus home with the girls.

We pull into the school and notice a bunch of little ones on the playground. So we assume the girls are there and made sure to park away where they could not see us.

We go into the school and turn in our keys for security purposes as we always do. The secretary knows us and was excited to see Jace and asked how the girls did this morning. We then head to the Preschool room.

As we walk down the hallways, I get a glimpse of Maysie walking with her class to their room. I could not see her face, but noticed she was walking silly. We stopped for a few seconds so she did not see us and then went on.

Before going to the Preschool room, we stopped in at the nurses office to drop of Makennas medicine and sign a paper. The nurse asked if it was okay to give her the medicine after lunch since she worked the lunch right before. I said it was better that way anyways. She said she went there today to take it and she did great and that she took it well and did not seem to bother her in any way. It's a way of life for her, so we agreed and said she is use to it! After that we headed to Jace's room.

We got to Jace's Preschool room and notice one of the girls friends from Preschool, Cameron was at orientation as well. He will be in the morning class, so he will not be with Jace. But it was nice to see him.

We sit down, talk to Ms. Deb about the girls and then fill out some paper work for Jace. As we are sitting their Ms. Deb notices one of the girls, I believe it was Maysie.

Jace plays for awhile and we talk. Ms. Carla comes in and talks with us as well. As she is standing there, she sees Jaeli walk by and said she had a huge smile on her face as she walked by. She assumed it was because she saw Cameron. Come to find out when she got home, it was because she saw Ms. Carla!

Ms. Deb said she had seen them walk by a few times throughout the day and they were always so serious and thought it was cute.

She asked which of the girls she should take girls to for Jace to stand with to get onto the bus. We agreed Makenna would be the best. So now Makenna will be making sure Jace gets on the bus. Hopefully that goes well and he sits still!

It was time to go and Jace refused to leave. He wanted to stay and play with the toys. On the plus side, Ms. Deb was talking with him and he did not turn his head like he always does or run over to us. He did not talk back to her though either. After a few minutes of convincing him to leave the toys and play with them tomorrow, we finally got him to leave.

As we are walking back to the office to get our keys, I see Jaeli's teacher talking with another teacher. I was hoping she would see us and say something, but she did not.

While we were Maysie's teacher stopped in, who actually went to school with Josh. It was funny, neither one of them realized who each other were until later. So they said hello again and laughed about it. She then went on to tell me that Maysie was doing great. She said they had Gym class today and Maysie took her socks out of her book bag (I put them in her bag as extras and told her to put them in her locker). Maysie already had socks on so the teacher did not want to make her uncomfortable and asked the class as a whole if anyone had extra socks to put in their locker. Maysie raised her hand and so she asked if she wanted to put them in her locker. She smiled and said yes. So she was happy to see her take it well and not bothered by it at all. It was nice to hear she was doing good.

And as we were getting ready to walk out the door, Jaeli's teacher saw us and peeked her head in to tell us Jaeli was doing great and seemed to be catching on and happy. So that was nice to hear as well!

We headed out and dropped Josh off at home and then went to get Jace a book bag and some tissues for school tomorrow! He picked out a Super Man book bag and was so excited to have it. We then went and got him some new shoes since his were old and getting small. He was excited for his Buzz shoes, but of course saw some Spiderman slippers and just had to have them. They were only 3 bucks, so I let him get them. Of course, I had to get some for the girls too and luckily found theirs on sale as well.

We headed out and went to Dairy Queen for some blizzards to enjoy our last day together for awhile. He was so spoiled today!

We got home and waited for the girls to get home. We went outside about 10 minutes before the bus was to arrive. School got out at 3:30 and I knew the bus would be there around 4 p.m. Once we heard the bus, we waited and watched for them. He actually drives by once and drops off a couple others and then comes back around and drops them off right at the driveway! Jace starts running to them and they start running to him. It was so cute!

As they were putting their coats and shoes up, they reminded me of the library and of course, Jace tells them he got ice cream!

So after JJ told me about crying for me at school for a little bit and Maysie saying she heard her crying for me in her room... we decided to head out to the library and since I let Jace have ice cream, I had to let them have it too.

We got to the library and they played for a bit and all picked out a book and movie to bring home. They loved it and were so excited to be there. Looks like we need to make a trip there more often!

After leaving, we headed out and went through the drive through to get them each a small cup of ice cream and of course frozen lemonade for Makenna.

We got home and they loved every bit of the ice cream and Mak even shared her lemonade with them.

I gave them ice cream before dinner (one-time thing for sure) but they still ate all their dinner and continued to tell me stories from school. No homework today!

It was a great start to a new beginning in our lives. I am looking forward to what is to come but hope it does not go by to fast. I am going to try to enjoy it more and have more patience.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Girls 5 Year Check Up - Starting Kindergarten

Well the girls had their 5 year check up a couple days ago. I can't believe how big they are getting and most of all, that they are officially starting school. Time has gone so fast and I am sure it will only go faster. Our lives are about to change forever!

 They wanted me to take their picture making silly faces!
Makenna Anne:
Height 42 1/4" 50% and Weight 44 1/4# 75% (last year 40 5/8" and 40 1/2#)

Jaeli Jo:
Height 40 3/4" 25% and Weight 40 3/4# 50% (last year 39" and 37 1/2#)

Maysie Jailyn:
Height 41 1/4" 25% and Weight 41 3/4# 50% (last year 38 1/4" and 36 1/4#)

And this is the first time ever that Maysie has weighed more and taller than Jaeli!

Family Camping Trip

 Uncle Greg bought them some fun bracelets!

FACE PAINTING - Grandma bought some Face Painting stuff and it went over pretty well... other than going a little overboard and giving them each about 5 designs on their face and hands and even on Jace's tummy! The girls even painted Uncle Gregs face!

BIKES The kids got to ride their bikes for the first time, more than just practicing on our driveway where they just kept falling off. They had a blast!

Love this picture of Jace!!

FISHING Uncle Greg, Daddy and Grandpa took all the kids fishing for the first time. I am a little sad I missed out on it, being their first time and lots of great memories were made. But it was a special time for the guys with them and I needed a little break. From what I heard, they had a GREAT time and enjoyed it. Maysie was afraid to touch the fish, but excited when she caught them. Jace LOVED cutting the worms up into pieces. Makenna loved it as expected, she loves things like that. And Jaeli did great too, she actually was the first to take to correctly while practicing before they went. I love their faces, such excitement!