Monday, August 5, 2013

Family Camping Trip

 Uncle Greg bought them some fun bracelets!

FACE PAINTING - Grandma bought some Face Painting stuff and it went over pretty well... other than going a little overboard and giving them each about 5 designs on their face and hands and even on Jace's tummy! The girls even painted Uncle Gregs face!

BIKES The kids got to ride their bikes for the first time, more than just practicing on our driveway where they just kept falling off. They had a blast!

Love this picture of Jace!!

FISHING Uncle Greg, Daddy and Grandpa took all the kids fishing for the first time. I am a little sad I missed out on it, being their first time and lots of great memories were made. But it was a special time for the guys with them and I needed a little break. From what I heard, they had a GREAT time and enjoyed it. Maysie was afraid to touch the fish, but excited when she caught them. Jace LOVED cutting the worms up into pieces. Makenna loved it as expected, she loves things like that. And Jaeli did great too, she actually was the first to take to correctly while practicing before they went. I love their faces, such excitement!

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Agnieszka Jordan - Gondorek said...

Hi. I know/knew your husband from Ogame. I played this game years ago, when your son was to be born. Your husband sent me a link to this page. Your family is just beautiful. I must say I was jealous because I couldn't have my own baby at that time. I went through many medical procedures and finally in February 2013 gave birth to a beautiful son.

Greetings from Poland. Wish you all the best.