Thursday, September 26, 2013

Last pics of the summer!

 Mak loves to look pretty!
 Maysie having fun outside!
 Pool time at Grandma B's
 Poor Jace got stung so his sisters are taking care of him! Such good girls!
 Jaeli golfing with Grandpa... maybe a future golfer??
 Handsome boy getting a haircut!
 Pretty little girls!
 Having fun at the Markle pool with Grandma and Grandpa!
 Grandpa trying to keep them all from drowning as they come off the slide!
 Maysie is still scared of lake/river water, anything with sand. But she really wanted to go down the slide, so she went in with her shoes on!
 Sand is so much fun! They would play in it every day if we let them.
 Can't miss out on the play ground!

 Ready to go to school!
 Getting on the bus at Grandma's house.
 Jace spending some alone time with Grandma while the girls are at school
 Snack time after school.
 Fun in the basement. Can't wait until we finish... some day!
 Jaeli at Aunt Angie's wedding, they looked so cute!
 Little Miss Maysie, adorable as ever!
 The girls first homework assignment. They had to create a t-shirt of all their favorite things and people.
 Makenna loves to feel strong and pick up her brother!
 Silly boy!
Jaeli waiting for the bus!

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