Thursday, October 24, 2013

Parent Teacher Conferences

They have all been sick so many times since they started school. The biggest thing that sucks the most about going to school. Between rashes, fevers, eye infections and coughs, hopefully they all get better soon. Oh and we can't forget that Maysie stuck a Barbie earring in her ear. So I guess its good that they were sick cause that is how we discovered it when we were at the doctor. Took a few tries to get it out, but finally flushed it out with warm water. If we would not have discovered it, it could have caused some damage.

We had conferences for all 4 of them today and they are all doing so great! They are all where they need to be. Of course they can all improve, but they are headed in the right direction. It's funny, cause they love to do homework every night. How long do you think that will last?

Makenna is doing fantastic! She is doing the best out of all of them, but that is expected since she has always been more advanced. Her teacher, Ms. Amstutz said she is such a great student. She has fun with her. She is even doing well with having a different snack then everyone else. The only thing she really needs to work on is second guessing herself and solving her own problems. For instance, she sometimes questions what to do after she finishes a project or she thinks she is right but not sure so she will not say the answer because she does not want to be wrong. That is Makenna for you! A funny story the teacher told me was that one day they were discussing everyone's names and a little boy said her name was Triplet. Ha! The teacher explanined to him that she is "A triplet, one of three girls who were born on the same day from the same mommy" and that her name is Makenna. So I thought that was cute. Her teacher is into Owls big time and nature. So she is a perfect fit because Makenna LOVES nature!

Jaeli is doing much better now than she was in the beginning. She struggled with eating lunch at school and would just not eat. So after 2 weeks of trying to get her to and not doing it, we started packing all their lunches and she seemed happier for a couple days. But then that turned into tantrums of going to school because she hated gym class. So after many days of crying and throwing fits and asking her why (she would always say she doesn't like to run) she finally told me that her shoes were too small. I still don't know if I believe that is the reason, but I bought her some new Hello Kitty ones, a bigger size, and told her they were special shoes to help her run. She would never particpate in gym and would sit at the wall because she would not run. They finally made her do it and she cried through it. She came home the next day after taking her shoes to school and was so excited. She told me she ran!! So far, so good. We have not had any tantrums since. So hopefully it continues for the better. Ms. Bradford said she makes her smile everyday and that she is so very well behaved. She is shy and talks quietly but does talk for her when asked. She struggles participating and talking in the groups... so we need to work on that. Other than that, she is right where she needs to be on all the other learning stuff! Oh, she needs more confidence. She struggles with that as well. I see her getting better. She tells me, "Mommy, I am going to do my best!" and she does. So that is nice to see. She has a friend, Ella, and they are very close according to her teacher. They do almost everything together. She even plays with all of the girls at recess. All three teachers mentioned recess, how cute it is to see all three girls run right to each other every day.

Look at these pictures! She is going to be a model. I love these pictures! So adorable. So anyways, Maysie is struggling the most but she is still doing good for only being the first semester. She is so shy and does not talk much at all to anyone, even her teacher. Although, Ms. U, her teacher, is starting to see her "sneaky" side. She will ask the class if they finished their project and if not to raise their hand so they can work on it. She doesn't raise her hand. She confronts her about it and she admits it and then does it... but she is being sneaky and trying to get out of it. Sounds like Maysie! She scribbles a lot, so we need to work on that. We were struggling with her on cutting and taking too much time. She is left handed and thought that had something to do with it. Well it did. Grandma B is also left handed but cuts with her right hand so she tried it with Maysie and she does great now! So we pretty much just need her to open up a little and talk more, louder as well. Her teacher did say she is improving and sees her talking to the other kids a little more now. After the conference I checked my email and saw one from her music teacher. She personally emailed me to tell me she is so proud of her because during the last couple classes she has seen such a huge improvement in her participation. So that was great news! So maybe she will like music? We will see.

Mr. Jace is still a handful, but I couldn't imagine life without him! He is actually doing much better in school than I thought. Ms. Deb said he does not talk much except during certain moments when he forgets he is being watched. He does talk to her loud and clear when she asks him a question, so that is great! Maysie and Jaeli would not do that. He knows how to count to 14! What?? He wont ever count for me! He knows a couple shapes and a few colors... thought he knew more, but he has time to learn. So it is great to hear he is doing so well. Two years of preschool, he should be ready when the time comes for Kindergarten. We have been struggling with him at home with going poo in the potty. He does well at school, but at home he gets lazy and if outside, he just goes in the yard and steps in it. He did it twice in one day... that was not fun cleaning all those shoes. Other than that, I am very proud of my little man!

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