Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jace 4 year check up

Mr. Jace is a handful but I still love everything about him! He is my little man and a big time Momma's boy! I couldn't imagine life without this little guy. He for sure completes our family! He has his moments... good and bad. He gives me so many hugs and kisses, its something I look forward to each day. He can be such a good boy, especially by himself. He loves his one on one time. And he LOVES being around other boys, especially his boy cousins. He will play hard and long with them as long as we let him. I guess I would be the same way if I was around 3 girls all day, every day! But man, if he doesn't get his way, he sure knows how to tell you. The kicking and screaming and throwing toys can get so out of control. I am working on it... but it sure is a struggle... especially when he doesn't get his full 12 hours of sleep at night. He doesn't take naps anymore because he has pre-school, so he needs all he can get. He is doing great in school and seems to really enjoy it. I am not too worried about how much he is learning since he will be in the same class one more  year... but I have noticed an improvement on his numbers and alphabet. He even gets to ride the bus home with the girls... I feel sorry for the bus driver though because he does not listen well and doesn't stay in his seat. We struggle with his eating habits big time. We all need to get more strict. He would rather snack all day long and never eat a meal. He is so very picky and usually just wants to eat bananas, jelly wraps and cheese. I can usually get him to sit down and eat dinner, but he doesn't do well at lunch, at least not with me. Love my little man!

He has grown lots in the last year and really growing into a little boy and completely out of the toddler stage... except for the pull ups at night. He seems to be taking longer to learn to hold it at night than the girls did. I think they were completely out of diapers at age 4. Hoping by age 5 we are done with diapers FOREVER!

I lost the sheet that had his weight and height, but I think this is right...

Height 38” (3 year: 36.5”)

Weight 37 lbs (3 year: 32 lbs)

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