Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter 2014

 The Easter Bunny Has Come!
 Went to Aunt Sallys for a birthday and to celebrate Easter, they had fun rolling down the big hill (or mountain as they called it).
 They were super excited to go in the hot tub, especially since it was still a little chilly outside.
 They begged from the moment we got there, they played in it like it was a pool.
 Jace coloring his Easter eggs!
 Maysie having fun coloring her eggs!
 JJ needed a little help but she was having fun!
 I think Makenna was more excited than anyone and she took the longest, to make sure each egg was done and stickers were added!
 Makenna found her basket after about 10 minutes of searching... it was in the bookshelf.
 Jaeli finally got hers when Maysie found it for her.
Maysie could not find hers anywhere! Finally, after I hinted to her where it could be, she found it in the fridge!
 Jace was still sleeping when the girls found theirs and found his during their search, so of course, they told him where it was... in the pantry!
 Ready for Church!
 They loved their little monkey bunnies and dresses!
They had fun dressing up Cooper as the Easter Bunny!

Fun in April

 Homemade cookies for all!
 They decided to play in the drive way and were covered in black... had to scrub, scrub, scrub to get it off!
My little man who loves to climb... trying to be funny.

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Newest Member

Introducing our newest member, Kyla Sue Nusbaumer. This is my little sisters baby girl who was born a couple weeks ago. I will have to get better pictures of her. She is adorable and looks just like her big sister Dara! Congrats Kris and Greg!