Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jace and Maysie Ride Thier Bikes Without Training Wheels!

Maysie and Jace tried a few times this summer and the last time we went they finally caught on! Jace got it pretty quick and was doing wheelies after only a little bit. Maysie took a little longer but finally got it and was so excited! Now that's all they want to do is ride bikes!
Now we just have to work on Jaeli. Makenna learned a couple months ago at the beginning of the summer. I believe I posted a picture but couldn't find a video. I will have to do some searching. They are growing too fast!

Jaeli has Sleep Apnea

 Getting all wired up for her sleep study!

 Before surgery
 Right after surgery, in recovery room. She looks miserable but really wasn't that bad!
Two hours later and all drugged up! She was feeling good!

Jaeli had been having trouble sleeping and snoring a lot, as well as she would stop breathing for more than a few seconds at times. So we decided to have a sleep study done and it came back that she has Sleep Apnea. We then decided to agree with the doctor and have her tonsils and adenoids removed. It's been a little rough for her with the pain, but she has loved being out of school for over a week and that she has to miss gym class for 2 weeks! She hates gym! She is back in school now and still complains of ear and throat pain... but it could be because she wants to stay home more. She was so spoiled, but I really enjoyed the time with her. Now we just have to get her back on track and to lose that attitude of hers she has developed! Hopefully this surgery solved the problem... we wont know for a couple more weeks... we will see.

Aunt Jarilyn's Wedding!

 They did so well!
 Miss Maysie
 Miss Makenna
 Bubble Guns!
 Miss Jaeli
 Getting ready to go out!
 Looking pretty in their dresses!
 Playing Games!
 And the winner is... Makenna!
This is a dog they ran into at Jarilyn's apartment complex during the bridal shower... they were in love!

The girls got to be flower girls in their Aunt Jarilyn's wedding a couple weeks ago. They loved being able to go to the bridal shower and getting all dressed up in toilet paper, as well as looking very beautiful for the wedding. They were so well behaved during the ceremony, we were all so proud of them. They were great!


 I let the kids try on their Halloween costumes the other day. Jaeli had to be Lamby from Doc McStuffins, the kids cartoon. So I convinced the others to be characters too! Makenna is Hallie the Hippo, Jace is Stuffy the Dragon and Maysie is Chilly the Snowman. And of course, I have a Doc McStuffins hat to wear! They love being my little stuffed animals!
This is a drawing from Makenna. Very impressed by it. She is quite the little artist... takes after her Mom! However, she has a much better memory than me and can do more than I could at her age. Can't wait to see what she does with it as she gets older.

My Little Man, Jace

 Oh what we have to look forward to... trouble is his middle name!
Hit his head on his sisters bed. I have never seen his eyes dilate so much. After some talking with family we decided it wasn't a concussion and he was okay... he didn't even cry.
Cooper is Jace's best friend... they fall asleep together every night. Cooper goes in there before Jace half the time and waits for him. Love it, its so cute!

First Day of First Grade!

Where did the time go? My three little babies are now in First Grade! It's crazy. Jace will be in Kindergarten next year. They are growing way to fast. So far they are all doing well. Maysie is struggling a bit but seems to want to learn and do better, so crossing my fingers she continues to try her best and catches up to the other two.

More Lake Pictures

 We were so close to the water that they had to wear their vests all the time outside if they were going to be near the dock. They didn't seem to mind too much.
 Having fun with the water table!
When we got home, Makenna had little bumps all over her. Jaeli and Maysie got some too. Jace never had any. We think it was Swimmers Itch because all their cousins got it too. When I went back to work, a co-worker told me her kids went to the same lake and also had the bumps... so it's a pretty good guess!

Lake Pictures

Here are some "professional" pics I took of the kids when we went to the lake with our family in July. It was a great time and the kids had a blast. I am sure I will have more pics to post. We enjoyed spending time with my parents, sisters and their families and my aunts! Hopefully my Dad had a great birthday and enjoyed himself as well... he deserves it! (This was a trip for my Dad's birthday!)
 Cousins Dara and Kyla
 All the Grand-girls!
 All the Grandkids!
 Oh so Handsome... oh wait... he hates Handsome! So cute!
 Sill boy!

 Little Miss Model, Jaeli Jo!

 She loves to take pictures, can you tell?
 Very blessed to have all four of these precious kids!
 Family photo!
 Miss Josie, cute as ever!
 The two people who mean the world to me. We would be lost without you. Love you Mom and Dad!
 My dad and his sisters and family.
 They do so well for me when taking pics... well most of the time!
 They are too cute!
Miss Mak loves to have her pic taken too... just wish I could get her to smile better. She thinks its her good smile... but I have seen much better!
 Such a big girl!

 Miss Maysie, cute as ever!
 She loves the camera too!