Friday, January 9, 2015

Jace gives us the biggest scare yet...

 Just got there.
 So tired!
 Starting to feel better!
 Even playing with toys.
 Thanks Grandma J, he loved them!
 I had to take a picture of his back because he wanted to see the bandaid from the spinal tap.
At home, sleepy!

Jace gave us a big scare over Christmas Break. It’s one of the many things you pray and hope never happens. It is by far the worst Christmas we have had.
Christmas Eve Jace seemed fine. Then through the night, he developed a fever over 103. I didn’t know anything about it until Christmas morning when Josh told me.
I could see Jace did not feel well when he woke up on Christmas morning. He tried to open a present or two and then asked me to finish for him. He layed on the couch for awhile. I just figured the sickness we have had in our house since before Thanksgiving was making it’s rounds again. I was a little worried since he doesn’t usually have a fever that high, even for an ear infection. It was Christmas Day though, was he sick enough to take to the Emergency Room? We didn’t think so at the time.
We went on to our next Christmas where he just layed down again and didn’t want to do much of anything. Mom and Dad offered to keep him while we took the girls over to their other Grandma’s for Christmas since he had a fever and most likely contagious. We were sad he couldn’t enjoy it with us, but even if we took him, he would be miserable.
My dad brings Jace home later that night, he was very tired - if I remember correctly, he went right to bed.
The next morning I was feeding the girls, letting him sleep in and I heard him crying for me. I went to his room and his eyes were still closed and his head leaning back with a painful look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said his neck hurt. I felt his head and he was burning up. I took his temp, it was over 103. I called the doctor right away and after telling the nurse his symptoms, they got us in within 2 hours.
I asked my mom to come with me, just in case... but I didn’t think that "just in case" would be so. My dad took Maysie, so it was just my mom, Makenna, Jaeli, Jace and myself.
Driving to the hospital, I was so worried about him. I didn’t realize at the time that it was a symptom of Meningitis, but Jace kept telling me his eyes hurt, the sun was hurting his eyes and he couldn’t open them. The neck pain, the fever, the light sensitivity, they were the top three signs of Meningitis.
We arrive to the doctors office and only have to wait a minute or two. They called us back, so mom stayed in the waiting room with the girls. I take him to the room, the nurse gets his information, symptoms and temperature. It’s 103 still. She leaves the room after telling me the doctor would be right in.
I sat there in a chair, holding my baby boy... he was weak, tired and didn’t feel like moving much.
The doctor comes in and sets him on the table after removing his clothes. He checks his ears, throat and eyes but has yet to use the stethoscope to listen to his heart and lungs. He lays him down, feels his belly and then sits him back up. He asks him to put his chin to his chest. Jace can’t do it. He says it hurts. At that point, the doctor sets down his medical thingy, to check the ears and mouth, with the light still on... and says "I will be right back".
I picked Jace back up and sat down with him. I was very concerned at this point. I just kept thinking, why didn’t he finish the examine? He left quick with no explanation. About 5 minutes later, he comes back in and says, "Not to scare you, but he may have Meningitis or maybe the Flu". I heard the word "Meningitis" and instantly had tears in my eyes. The nurse comes in with a swab to test for the flu (which comes back negative). After that, the doctor continues to talk about what needs to happen. He said he just consulted with another doctor and they both recommended Jace be admitted to the hospital to do a spinal tap. It is the only way to test for Menengitis and it’s not something you want to risk.
I just wanted to cry... but I knew I would scare Jace. I asked the doctor if he could have my mom come to the room.

The only thing going through my head at this point was what was going to happen to him, would he be okay? I can't lose my baby boy or want anything bad to happen to him. I knew Meningitis can be bad but that was about it. I kept thinking about a couple TV shows we have watched that have characters in them that had Meningitis as a child. One couldn't walk and one was deaf. That is about all I knew about Meningitis, I was pretty scared. 
Mom comes back and she instantly knows something is wrong. We call Josh and tell him to come right away, as well as my Dad to give him an update. So many thoughts were going through my head at this time. This is my baby boy, he and his sisters are everything to me, to us... he has to be okay.
They get him admitted right away and do a spinal tap within an hour or two. They tell us they are going to start treating him for Bacterial Meningitis but if it’s Viral Meningitis, there is no treatment for it. However, that is what we want it to be because when it’s viral, they usually have a full recovery. With Bacterial, you have to worry about hearing loss, brain damage, neurological issues, etc. The doctor was pretty sure we caught it in time and if it was Bacterial, he was being treated right away and would most likely have a full recovery either way.
The thoughts are there. For us, it was "what if". For family who was around him, I am sure they had the same thoughts as well as, "Is he contagious"? We too were concerned for the girls. We had to sit there for 24 hours before we would have an idea of which kind it was. It was confirmed right away that he had meningitis, we just didn’t know which strand.
The doctor assured us that either way, everyone around him should be fine. The chances of him being contagious were very slim. Most importantly, he reassured us he was certain Jace would have a full recovery.
Once we got to the 48 hour mark and the results were still negative for Bacterial, we were pretty certain he was going to be just fine. We just wanted to go home.
After about 55 hours, they sent him home to finish his recovery. Usually with Meningitis, you have to stay for 72 hours but since all the tests up to this point were negative, the doctor felt that we could go home.
It took a couple days of sleeping a lot and lots of out of control tantrums from being spoiled for 2 days straight, but he is back to himself! He does still sleep with his head back, same as he did in hospital when his neck hurt. The doctor said to move it, would be like stabbing him in the back of the head with a bunch of knives. It is just a symptom of the meningitis but that it will eventually go away.
I pray and hope we never have to go through anything like that again with any of our kids. We are very blessed to have them and to have such great family and friends who supported us, prayed for us and showed their concern for us through it all. Thank you to everyone!

Shark Teeth!

I have been wondering when they would start losing their teeth. Well... instead of losing them, they are growing them in behind their baby teeth. So far Makenna and Maysie have at least one, maybe two coming in. And the baby teeth are not ready to come out yet. This is going to get expensive!!

Breathing Treatments

Breathing treatments for Makenna and Maysie. They were both looking pretty ill a few weeks ago, so we made a doctors visit. Makenna had double ear infection and both had lung infections. They seemed to recover fairly quickly. But I am sure it’s only a matter of time before it comes back around to them.

Will it ever end?

Our house is full of sickness! Maysie was wanting some attention and after telling her she had to stay in her room, this is where I found her. It’s been going on and on, back and forth since Thanksgiving. I am so ready for summer!

Birthday Party Fun!

We had a fun birthday party the other day. The kids got to wear the clown wigs and had a blast bowling!