Monday, March 16, 2015

Jace Turns 5!

Jace is a big boy now! He is 5 years old, can you believe it? Where did time go? My baby is no longer a baby. I miss my little guy, but the little man he is becoming is amazing (most of the time). I took him for his 5 year check up a couple weeks ago and thought the girls didn’t get any shots at this age... but I was wrong, really wrong. I told him no shots this time. After getting checked out, the nurse asked me if I wanted him to get his shots for Kindergarten. So he got 5 shots, one was the flu shot. I didn’t want to take any chances after our scare over Christmas. He was not happy and their were many tears. Afterwards, he says, "I am tired, can I stay here?" I assume since he got his shots already, he wanted to be admitted now so he could get all the attention he got a few weeks ago. So funny!

Weight is 40 lbs

Height is 41 3/8"

He is growing way too fast!

We had a big birthday party for his 5th. Spiderman came to his party. He has been asking for him to come ever since Rupunzel came to the girls. He loved every minute of it. We invited a few boys from his class since our only other guests were girls. Only one was able to come, but I was very grateful for him coming. Ever since then, they have become very good friends and I think they both enjoyed themselves. Jace got a brand new bike that he is begging to ride! So ready for Spring.

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