Monday, March 16, 2015

What's Been Happening?

We joined the new YMCA in January and have been going about 3x per week since. The kids love it. They have free child care for members 2 hours a day, so I can go work out while they play and then they are also in Gymnastics and Swim Lessons.

I really enjoy the break I get, that time by myself not being bothered every 5 minutes because someone needs something - it works and we are all getting exercise!

The best part is, my sister in law goes with me, as well, her kids and we keep each other motivated and accountable. I think without her, I would have missed more than a few days.

Makenna enjoys the Gymnastics the most and is such a monkey! As for swimming, I am hoping they learn some new things and can swim even better than they do now. My goal is to avoid them having to wear their arm floats when they swim this summer at Grandma J’s. It was a constant battle last year and I would like to avoid it knowing they are safe.

We have been so busy updating and remodeling the house, school and everything else we have going on. I am lucky if I update this blog once a month.

The girls all have a new row of bottom teeth coming in, hopefully their baby teeth start to come out soon.

The girls have been picking out their own clothes for awhile now. However, I am starting to think I need to help them again or call the fashion police to give them some pointers. Jaeli seems to be the worst! At least she tries!

Jace is such a handful. I can’t get him to eat what I make, only what he wants which is usually junk. Always getting into stuff and does not listen well. I just don’t know what to do with him. His tantrums are horrible lately. He can be hilarious at times too and so loving. He is a Mama’s boy. He will knock on his door making me think he needs something and when I open it, jump out and try to scare me, like you see in the picture. His nick name should be bruiser, he looked like someone beat him up the other day. The first day he ran and fell into the couch, giving himself a big cut on his eye, then the next day he fell again goofing around and busted his lip. Somehow he got a bruise on his face too. That’s Jace for you!

Homework has been crazy. Thanks to my mom, she has been helping out a lot with it. It just feels like they have multiple things to do every single night. I can understand 1 thing and occasionally 2 things at night... but it’s getting bad... are they expected to learn 24/7? They are 6 years old, let them have some fun. And then it becomes even harder when I don’t understand the homework as you see from the picture.

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