Thursday, July 20, 2017

Braces! Yikes!

Well we have started early. Makenna needed braces early due to the way her adult teeth are conning in and an issue with her gums. She has had a spacer for a couple months now and today she got her first round of braces. Crossing my fingers she won't need them when she's older but it's probably wishful thinking! Jaeli's teeth are looking pretty good so hopefully she won't need them... But again, wishful thinking! Maysies's are a bit crooked so she will need them later... And Jace, it's too soon to tell. He has the large space in between his teeth with his lip coming down lower than it should and will most likely need it clipped when his adult front teeth cone in. He's lost one and the other is loose so will probably be sooner than later. He is not looking forward to it! Better start saving now for all this dental and orthodontic work x 4! Yikes!

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