Monday, July 24, 2017

Camping with the Becks!

Over the weekend we had camping trip number 3 or 4 of the summer with the Becks. Its always fun camping with them. Can always count on Justin to join the fun, Jason usually stays up all night but this time failed to keep the coons away, and Jeremy always gives us a good laugh! Sorry Jerod missed it but we did get the pleasure of a couple of his kids joining us, Kailie and Kynzi. And I can't forget Mama Sue (Grandma J) who does so much for all of us and loves to spend time with family. Then there is Papa Beck (Grandpa)... Although he likes to tease, wouldn't be the same without him! And then there's the "girls", Allisa and Michelle... Always a fun time with you two! The kids had a blast of course and always love camping. I think they had about 11 of there cousins there to play with. The only downfall was the horrible rain Friday and Saturday morning. Lost a canopy and had to deal with lots of mud. Kids and I did leave for a bit during the worst of it. But had a decent day Saturday after lunch. Oh, and can't forget to mention Jace's first physical fight. He and the other boy both said they threw the first punch... Can't really be mad since he is telling the truth... I think. Jace said the boy was bullying him so he hit him. Then the kid, who was bigger than him tackled him three times. Poor guy. I was in the shower when it happened but the kids parents came over to talk and Grandma made them shake hands and told them to be friends! But not sure they ever became friends. Unfortunately didn't take many pictures but there are a few below, mostly of my attempt at face painting! Looking forward to next time!

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