Sunday, July 16, 2017

Canoe Trip

On Saturday, we went on a family canoe trip about an hour south of us. Josh's cousin wanted the family to connect all our tubes and float down the river for his birthday. We thought it would be a fun trip for the kids and we would get to spend some time with that side of the family. We all had a blast! The weather was perfect and although the river was going a bit fast, it made it that much more fun... Well aside from one small mishap Maysie and I encountered! I had Maysie's tube tied to my tube, Jaeli was with Josh, along with Jace when he felt like it and wasn't jumping out of his tube, and I think Makenna's tube was tied up with Aunt Tracy and Steve. About 10 minutes into it some how Maysie and I got stuck in the back of the group. Grandma J was close by with Jace. I see a bunch of trees ahead of us and know I better start paddling before we get stuck in them. Well if u ask Josh, I paddle the wrong way, so maybe that's why we headed right for them. Janna and Jace couldn't slow down to help us and eventually they were out of sight. I knew we were in trouble! Maysie starts crying when we get trapped on this huge log. Janna said she could hear her crying but couldn't do anything about it. Thankfully these two couples in canoes came up right after we got stuck. As they go by, they ask if we need help. Maysie cries out Yes! I said I think I can get us out. Thankfully I managed to without having to get in the water! I pushed Maysie over the log and then scooted my way over. We were free! The couples in the canoes could tell Maysie was still traumatized and asked if we wanted them to pull us up to our group. So I said sure, that would be great! So they rowed back a bit to come to us and then we grabed onto the rope on the back of their canoe. When we got close they said they weren't going to be able to stop because the river was going too fast. I said that was fine we would let go and jump out to meet up with the rest of our group who were waiting on us off to the side. So I shouted thank you very much and attempted to jump out after letting go. Of course I fell right into the water! It gave everyone a pretty good laugh though. Maysie was just happy to get out for a bit. After that we decided to tie ourselves to a few more people in our group so we could continue and not have to worry about getting stuck again like that without help. I think the kids favorite part was when the got to play in the water and Tracy and Grandma and Michelle would hold onto them in the middle of the river where it was going fast and then just let them go with their feet in front of them until they reached the person waiting on them. It was fun to watch! The four-hour trip turned into about two and a half hours because the river was going so fast but we all had a great time and hope to do it again soon! Thanks Chase for the invite! And sorry Allisa for breaking our plans so we could go on this trip! I see a canoe trip in our near future, especially with those who did not get to join us this time!

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