Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cousin Josie

My sister and I will take turns having overnight play dates to give each other a break. It hasn't happenened in awhile but happy we are starting up again! I usually only have her take 1 or 2 as all four can be a lot for someone not used to it, but it still gives me an easier time... Less fighting for sure. There is a huge difference going from four to two or three and the kids love spending time with their cousin Josie. Makenna actually went and stayed the night at her other cousins house the same night so it made it even easier. She struggles feeling included with Jaeli and Maysie so it was much needed for her.

I took them to my in-laws to swim for a bit and then came home and they watched movies and played. They were up much earlier than expected but ate a huge breakfast and then played outside for awhile. Pretty easy time and was nice to spend some time with Josie.

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