Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mak's first meal she created

Josh let Makenna make her own meal creation today for us to eat at lunch. It was macaroni noodles, hamburger, green beans, and corn in chicken gravy. She was very proud of herself! Jaeli ate two plates of it so I would say she liked it too... or was just very hungry! Maysie took a bite and wanted no more! She than ate an apple. Lol. Makenna liked it so much she wants to have it tomorrow at her Grandmas since she can't eat what she is making. Jace never tried it but I can tell you, if we gave it to him, he would have refused! Josh said it was good but would never choose it at a restaurant! Me personally, I didn't really care for it but ate it to please her. I did have to add some Velveeta cheese to be able to be able to continue eating it. Mak asked if we should write it down a one of our recipes, I said no since it waa very simple... but really I don't think I would want it again. Great job though Makenna on your first meal made! With a little more guidance we might have our own personal little chef on our hands!

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Anonymous said...

That don't sound to bad with the cheese added! That's awesome that she can make her own meal that she can eat without consequences. Good job mak��