Friday, July 28, 2017

Playing Games

The kids always love playing games. It does get frustrating for me at times though because they usually end up fighting or crying because someone lost, or someone else wants to go first, or it's not the game they want to play. But on the rare occasion, we have fun.

So last night, I pulled out Truth or Dare Jenga. I wasn't sure how appropriate the content on the blocks would be, but really it wasn't that bad. So we played a few rounds and the kids had fun acting out the dares, and watching me do them! It was so funny to hear all their laughs during the dares and when they would all fall.

Then we decided to play the Jelly Bean game... you know, the one where it gives you a good, and a bad jelly bean for each color jelly bean. We usually play our own way instead of the way it was intended. They had fun with that too. Actually Jaeli and Maysie just handed the jelly beans to Makenna and Jace because they did not want to "try" them. I wont name names, but one of the girls picks a color and gives it to her sibling. She then says something like, "Oh, that will be easy for him/her, they will win either way because he/she eats her boogers." The color was a spotted tan, which can either be something good (I can't remember), or boogers. It was very funny. They only liked a couple of the "bad" tasting ones and would make such a funny face when getting a bad one. I did try to record it, but they would always stop once they saw the camera come out.

Not sure what is going on with his face. I think he was acting out "eating something that tastes bad" and he was shaking his head.

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