Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Soccer Season

It's that time of the year! We just ended baseball season about a month ago and now it's time for soccer. I only have one in soccer this year. Makenna, Jace, and Jaeli all played last year, well Jaeli only played a couple games because she broke her arm. Makenna was the only one that wanted to play this year. She says it's her 2nd favorite sport. She will be one of the older girls on the team so hoping she does pretty good this year. It's her third year and she's had the same coaches for the last 3 years. She seems to like them. We had her first soccer practice on Monday and will be every Monday until the season ends in October with Saturday games starting in August. On the plus side since she's the only one, I can just drop her off and take the others to the park instead of having to sit there the whole time. Then Saturday mornings we can all go to the games! Sometimes it gets hard having Josh work 2nd shift and being on my own every night running around to games and practices and school stuff, but I manage! Although lately he's been home most evenings but not usually in time for practices so I'm still on my own. I am sure once his season picks back up at work it will be back to being gone all night. But it works for us, it's all we know. I definitely don't miss being at home all night every night during the week by myself with the kids. It is nice to have him here. Maybe one day it will be permanent. But until then I'm sure we will figure it out!

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