Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Taking Pictures

I haven't taken any really good pics of the kids lately and wanted a new environment to try it out. My sister-in-law texted on Monday and asked us to go swimming at my in-laws. So I thought sure, I can take pictures there. I picked the kids up from Day Camp and we headed to the gas station. I needed gas, but I also needed a bribe! I take pictures of the kids a lot! I have since they were born. And since they could understand what candy was, I have bribed them with it. It almost always works! They know if they deal with me putting them in different positions and smile, they will get their candy. So this time I bought them each a candy bar, as well as one for their cousins we were swimming with. The first set we took was horrible! They just were not into it. So we moved over the fence... well... there was an ant hill and they started climbing up their feet and legs. It was funny. So we moved over to the front of the deck and took some good ones there. My goal was to get one good group one but the girls usually enjoy taking individual ones too. So once I thought I had a good one, we moved onto individual. I always start with Jace just because he never wants to do it and its best to get it over with before he gets tired of it. I let them each pick where they wanted to go. Jace of course, wanted the swings. Jaeli did too, but I talked her into somewhere else. I wanted them all to be in different locations. Makenna picked the garden and Maysie picked by some flowers. Overall, they did good and the some of the family got to witness the struggle to get good pics! My favorite is the group one! Out of probably 60 pictures I took, there really was only these 4 that turned out good.





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