Monday, July 10, 2017

The Talk

No not that one! Not yet anyways. They have all been asking me if Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, tooth fairy, and other fairy tales are real lately. I've managed to lie to them 9 years and Jace is pretty much catching on quicker than the girls did. So they were asking again tonight during dinner. They asked me not to lie to them and to tell them the truth. So I figured it was time. I've always told them in the past if you don't believe then you won't get anything. Keeping that in mind Makenna was very hesitant to find out the truth unlike the other three. I gave them each an opportunity to ask me one question and I would answer it if they all agreed they wanted to know. Makenna asked if none of them are real would they still get gifts. I assured her no matter what they'll get the same amount of gifts and then she was all about it. Jace of course asked if Santa was real. Maysie asked if the Tooth Fairy was real. Jaeli asked if the Easter Bunny was real and Mak asked if Jesus was real. So for all but Makenna's I answered honestly and they were okay with the truth. And we talked about how they should not say anything to anyone especially the younger kids because it would not be fair to them to take that belief away from them and that Joy of believing. They each understood and gave me an example of someone who told them they weren't real. As for Makenna's question... that was a little more detailed in discussion and I answered as best I could with as much honesty as I could give. As sad as it is for them to not believe anymore, a big part of me is kind of happy about it. I never liked lying to them and the stress Christmas time would bring hiding presents is a huge relief. However they did ask that I still do the Elf on the Shelf! They are no longer babies... we will just have to come up with more creative ways and memories to make these holidays special. Especially for Christmas. We'll have to come up with ways to teach them about giving and not expecting to receive so much.

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