Friday, October 31, 2008


Noah and Makenna taken a ride together!
Alexis (China Doll)
Noah (Elmo)
Maysie getting read to walk around!
Jaeli getting ready to walk around!
Grandma with Makenna
I got the girls dressed up to walk around with my Sister-In-Law and her kids. We just decided to walk around downtown where the businesses were passing out candy. We didn't want to do the house to house thing! It went pretty good. It was also a beautiful day out (70 degrees). I was worried it would be cold and I would have to cover the girls in blankets, and it would hide their costumes. My mother-in-law went with us also. The girls did great, they were awake some of it, but all three stayed happy they whole time! We didnt get too much attention. I think it's because we always take a double stroller in stead of the triple! My MIL held Makenna most of the time while I pushed the stroller. At the end, my MIL had to meet up with some friends, so my SIL and I had to push two strollers, hold a baby and keep an eye on a 4 year old! It was interesting! We managed by sticking Makenna in the single stroller with Noah! We weren't walking to far and Noah loved it! Overall, it was a good Halloween for the girls! (I even got some candy out of it!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Same or Different (Facial Features)???

Keep in mind, Maysie is 1 lb less than Jaeli! I think everything looks the same. But I have also heard that since they were in separate sacs, the different environments they were in can cause them to have some differences. I should know for sure sometime in January! (They are probably fraternal, but it would be nice to know for sure.)

Four months old...holding her own bottle!

Makenna has started to hold her bottle when she eats! She is only four months old! I am not sure if it is intentional...but she does a pretty good job. A couple times she has even put it back into her mouth when it comes out. I wonder if she knows what she is doing??? Such a big girl!

Maysie's Brace

Today we went to see the doctor for Maysie's Hip Dysplasia. He said she feels pretty good. So we are getting an ultrasound done next week. 1 of 3 things will happen, she will either get out of it for good, only have to wear it at night and naps or keep wearing it another month or two. He thinks she will be able to get out of it for good, but needs to see the ultrasound first! So lets hope its getting out of it for good, and I would even be happy if its just at night and naps! Jaeli will hopefully be off her monitor soon, but she had a low heart rate last week, the only one this month. (Makenna got off hers about 6 weeks ago, I forgot to post about it.) Then we will have all three of our babies free of braces and monitors!!!

Last feeding of the day...

The girls have all been eating pretty well. They seem to want to eat between 1-2 oz. more than usual at the 9 pm feeding right before bedtime. They go to bed about 10 pm and then sleep until about 4 am. So I decided to up their feedings and see if they will eat more. Today they have ate most of it, but not all of it, probably just a little more than usual, so hopefully we will get there! Jaeli and Maysie need to eat more based on their weights. Makenna eats as much as she is suppose to! I think it's time to start more cereal. We go to the doctor next week for their four month check up, so hopefully she will let us know what we need to do to make sure they eat what they should be eating. Makenna was getting 6 oz, now I am giving her 7 oz. Jaeli was getting 5.5 oz, now I am giving her 6 oz. Maysie was getting 4.5 oz, now I am giving her 5 oz. But they are all growing, and gaining weight, so things seem to be on track!

Our First Mall Trip

My sister-in-law came to town yesterday and we decided to take the girls to the mall. (I wouldn't have done it without her!) We didn't really buy anything, neither of us had much money, but we did eat lunch and walked around! The girls did great! I was so impressed. And the attention, wow, not much at all, it was so nice. There were a lot of stares though! When we went to Kohls, we had so much attention, that was a few weeks ago. I put Makenna and Jaeli in the stroller and since they never left their car seats, they slept the whole time. We carried Maysie and she was awake the whole time, I think she may have fussed once or twice just for a few minutes. Overall, it was a good trip!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Four Months

So the girls will be four months in a few days. I thought I would write a little about each of them and how I think they will be as they get older!

Makenna Anne (First Born 4lbs 9oz)
Nick Names: Chunky Butt, Chunky Monkey, Big Girl, MK, Miss Makenna, Mak, Kenna, Moody Butt
During the last four months I have learned, Makenna...
-is very inpatient
-is very loud, temper
-is a light sleeper
-is curious, loves to look around especially at the tv
-loves to eat
-loves the swing
-thinks its funny to have her diaper changed, especially when poopy
-is independent
-likes to fall asleep buried in my arm with her pacifier, NOT ON THE SHOULDER
-gets bored easily
In the future she will be...
-Inpatient, in-to everything, trouble maker, loud but funny, independent and will push mommy's buttons!

Jaeli Jo (Second Born 4lbs 4oz)
Nick Names: Chubby Checks, Cubby Butt, JJ, Jaeli Jo, Miss Jo, Jae
During the last four months I have learned, Jaeli...
-loves to Cuddle
-is sweet
-loves her star light
-smiles a lot
-loves her Grandma
-sleeps well on her side with a pacifier and blanket
-usually only cries when she really wants something
-hates to have a poopy diaper
-sleeps a lot
-loves to be talked to
In the future she will be...
-Sweet, mommy's helper, lovable, Grandma's girl, a sleeper, laid back and happy!

Maysie Jailyn (Third Born 3lbs 10oz)
Nick Names: Monkey Butt, Little Monkey, DaisyMaysie, Little Miss Maysie, MJ
During the last four months I have learned, Maysie...
-loves to be held
-loves attention
-is sweet
-likes to imitate
-cries b/c of anything and everything
-likes to watch lights and colors
-uses the "lip" to wrap you around her finger
-will sleep anywhere, so long as she has had enough attention
-hates her brace
In the future she will be...
-Spoiled but sweet, sensitive, bugging mommy for attention constantly, picky eater and have everyone wrapped around her little finger!

Guess we will have to wait and see if I am right!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Today we got our shots! They did really well, cried a couple minutes and were done! We used our new stroller. The Baby Trend Double Snap n Go! Worked Great! I carried one, and my mom pushed the stroller! Saved a lot of time! I will try to get a pic of it next time we use it! Their weights are:
Makenna 14 lbs 4 oz
Jaeli 12 lbs 11 oz
Maysie 11 lbs 11 oz

Growing so big!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Comparison Pictures


Okay, here are some comparison pictures from 1 month to 4 months old!

Hours Old!


I hate these pictures just because it reminds me of the 1 1/2 weeks they were in the NICU attached to all these machines. We feel very blessed they were released so soon and are doing great!

Minutes Old!


These are the first pictures I ever saw of my beautiful babies while I was in recovery! I got to see them for the first time in person about 2 hours later. It really sucked I didn't get to see them right away, I felt like I was cheated out of my children's births. I will never forget their cries for the first time though!

Just before delivery

Josh and Me, I was so huge!
This was taken right as I was told to go back to get ready for the c-section!

Older Pictures

So my sister said I need to post more pictures, I am not exactly sure what she means, I thought I was posting a lot of pictures! Well I decided to post some from the hospital and some comparison photos!

Late Night Feedings

So we decided to take out a feeding about a week ago. We feed every four hours, starting at 9 a.m. It is going pretty well. We have also started putting 1 tsp. cereal in their bottles at their 9 p.m. feeding. They don't always take the whole bottle, so I worry that they wont be able to make it for more than a couple hours. Last night was a bit tough for Josh, they were awake a lot, but he managed to only feed them at 3 a.m. instead of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. The last couple nights before that, they did pretty well eating only at 3 a.m.! Even slept most of it, and sometimes slept while eating! We decided to do this because a few days prior to starting the 3 a.m. feeding, they were not waking for their 1 a.m. feeding and Josh would let them sleep until about 4 or 4:30 and then feed them at 5 a.m. Now I could be wrong on some of this since I am always sleeping during this time! But this is all according to my husband! So I am hoping by the time they officially hit 4 months on November 2nd, they will have it down. We have about two more weeks! Tomorrow they will be 16 weeks! At that time, I am going to start to give them cereal 2 - 3 time a day instead of once! I am sure we will have nights like last night, where they want to be awake or fuss instead of sleep, but hopefully most nights will go smoothly!

I do want to thank everyone again for all their support and help. We couldn't do this without you guys! Thank you to my mom, Josh's dad, my dad, my sister's and Stephanie for all your help!

Our Halloween Costumes

My three little Monkey's!
Jaeli " Monkeying Around "
Makenna " Daddy's Little Monkey "
Maysie " Mommy's Little Monkey "

Here are the girls Halloween costumes! I thought I would buy something they can wear more than just for one day! I have been using the hats to put on them while taking them to and from the car in their car seats! They did pretty well for the pictures! Makenna was very tired though, had to keep waking her up!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Clothes!

Maysie, Makenna & Jaeli
Jaeli Jo
Miss Makenna
Maysie Daisy

Well I bought these outfits thinking they were 3-6 months and turna out they are 0-3 months, the hanger was wrong. Teaches me to just read hangers and not tags! I thought they would be a bit small since we switched sizes of clothes. The shirts are really big on them, but the overalls were a little small, at least on Makenna and Jaeli. They sure are a pain to get on them though! But they are cute pictures!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Clothes!

It's official, we have to change sizes! 0-3 months are getting very very tight on Makenna and even close to being tight on Little Miss Maysie! I have much cutter clothes in 3-6 months, so I was okay with it. The only bad thing is, there Halloween costumes are 0-3 months, so hopefully they fit in them, they seem to be bigger than most 0-3 clothes, so it should be okay! I am sure 3-6 month clothes will be big on Maysie, but it's so much easier than having to sort through two different sizes of clothes. Hopefully Jaeli and Maysie eventually catch up to Makenna, but no guarantees! I also sorted through them and realized I have an 8 day supply in everything, pants, onesies, sleepers and about 4 outfits for each of them! Maybe I will get lucky and be able to do laundry only once a week instead of twice! (Of course there is towels and burp clothes and bibs and blankets...not sure if I have an 8 day supply in those!)

Jaeli and Maysie...Identical or Fraternal!

I took another picture of these two on another
camera. I will have to get the picture...I couldn't
even tell who was who!

Someday soon, we plan on getting a DNA test to find out if they are identical! It will be nice to know. The doctors said they were fraternal because they had separate sacs. I have heard that is not necessarily true, that they can have separate sacs and placentas and still be identical. It will be nice to be able to tell the girls when they are older. (Thanks to everyone for the advice on where to get the test!)


Makenna trying cereal!
Jaeli trying cereal!
Maysie tring cereal!
So we decided to try cereal! I know its pretty early, but I wanted to see how they would do. We gave them about 1 tablespoon each. Maysie and Jaeli did pretty well, but Makenna didn't like it too much, she just wanted more formula! Piggy, she is so impatient! I decided to wait until they are 4 months before I officially start giving it to them, and probably only a little bit once or twice a day. It was a lot of work for just that small amount, so it kind of showed me what is to come! The fun is about to start!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The girls watched their first Colts Game! Go Colts!

Here are some pics from the girls first Colts Game! They kicked butt!

Feeding Supplies

This lasts us about 2 months!
This lasts us about 3 feedings, half the day!


Bought a playmat! They like it so far!
They enjoy these for about a half hour and then get bored!
They really have not noticed each other yet!