Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We got a Dog!

Cooper! I finally talked Josh into letting me get a god. My dog of 13 years, Whitney passed away a couple years ago and after that I didn't really want another one. But the last few months I had been thinking about it and decided I was ready. I knew it would be a lot of work and would have to deal with the shedding and messes and attention for the dog, but I want the kids to grow up with one. So I took a trip to the shelter by myself and checked out a few of the dogs and LOVED Cooper (Rigby was his name there). So I talked it over with Josh and brought him home soon after. The kids had to go meet him first to make sure all would go well and they all seemed to love each other. He was more potty trained than they thought... so that was a plus. So far the only negatives are his shoe fetish, he ruined two pairs of shoes one day when I left him out while I went to the store. So he stays in his room... the laundry room now. We took out the shower and made a little bed in there for him. He has a little room to roam while we are gone... but he likes to chew up the linoleum. So I usually have a mess to clean up. Hopefully he out grows it. But that room will be gutted one day, so not too worried about what he destroys. The kids LOVE him and have so much fun with him. I think they overwhelm him at times, but he seems to enjoy them too. He can get a little rough when they get him worked up. He doesn't bite, but he does nip and sometimes it can hurt! And then the nails can scratch them pretty bad if they are not careful. But they are learning. I think he is going to be a great family dog and we will have many great memories with him. Hoping he does well camping. Jace calls him his buddy. Josh said one time, Cooper put his paw on Jace and scratched him... not on purpose of course, but Jace says something like, "Don't hurt me, you are my buddy!" Too cute! They are best buddies! Nice to have another male in the house, even if it is a dog!

Spending time with the girls at school!

Here are a couple pictures from the girls school. The middle one is a pic of Jaeli's bff, Ella! I have been trying to attend all their classroom parties and make my rounds from classroom to classroom. This last one, their Valentines Day party, all four of them had it at the same time. That was interesting. Thankfully my mom went to Jace's so I didn't have to stay in there too long. It is so neat to watch them interact with their teachers and friends. They love it when I come. I also went and ate lunch with them one day. They were super excited!

Jace 4 year check up

Mr. Jace is a handful but I still love everything about him! He is my little man and a big time Momma's boy! I couldn't imagine life without this little guy. He for sure completes our family! He has his moments... good and bad. He gives me so many hugs and kisses, its something I look forward to each day. He can be such a good boy, especially by himself. He loves his one on one time. And he LOVES being around other boys, especially his boy cousins. He will play hard and long with them as long as we let him. I guess I would be the same way if I was around 3 girls all day, every day! But man, if he doesn't get his way, he sure knows how to tell you. The kicking and screaming and throwing toys can get so out of control. I am working on it... but it sure is a struggle... especially when he doesn't get his full 12 hours of sleep at night. He doesn't take naps anymore because he has pre-school, so he needs all he can get. He is doing great in school and seems to really enjoy it. I am not too worried about how much he is learning since he will be in the same class one more  year... but I have noticed an improvement on his numbers and alphabet. He even gets to ride the bus home with the girls... I feel sorry for the bus driver though because he does not listen well and doesn't stay in his seat. We struggle with his eating habits big time. We all need to get more strict. He would rather snack all day long and never eat a meal. He is so very picky and usually just wants to eat bananas, jelly wraps and cheese. I can usually get him to sit down and eat dinner, but he doesn't do well at lunch, at least not with me. Love my little man!

He has grown lots in the last year and really growing into a little boy and completely out of the toddler stage... except for the pull ups at night. He seems to be taking longer to learn to hold it at night than the girls did. I think they were completely out of diapers at age 4. Hoping by age 5 we are done with diapers FOREVER!

I lost the sheet that had his weight and height, but I think this is right...

Height 38” (3 year: 36.5”)

Weight 37 lbs (3 year: 32 lbs)

Update on the Girls

Well our three little Kindergartners are doing great! They don't always like to go to school but they seem to enjoy it. Can't believe how big they are getting. We have Spring Break right now and I think Josh and my mom forgot what it was like to have them all day long! Not much different for me since I work full time... but I don't think they are looking forward to summer!

Makenna: Mak is doing good. She is little miss smarty pants! She does great in school and always ahead of where she should be. She is always wanting to learn new things and tries her best. And of course she is my little helper, always willing to help me out... when she isn't in a bad mood. She can be so sweet... and so mean! She doesn't have many friends in her class and actually got caught stealing a game piece from one of the games in the classroom. Her teacher had caught her. I was very disappointed in her and we had a long talk about it. She understands it was wrong and hopefully wont do it again. She has been acting out on occasion, I think there is something I am missing, but she still has many good days, so our system is working as best as it can to keep her out of an episode. Maybe one day we can get it completely under control but I think the older she gets, the more she will make her own decisions on what to eat and may make the wrong ones more often than not. We will see. I think her sugar tolerance is getting lower and we all need to be careful not to give her too much sugar at a time. She seems to do okay if it stays below 20 grams of sugar per meal total and waits an hour or so before she ingests more... but that is just a guess.

Jaeli: Miss Jaeli is a sweetheart. She loves attention and cuddles. She tries hard at school and does pretty well. She has made a couple good friends in her class. Ella and Elizabeth are two of the names I can remember. They are very tight! She talks about them all the time. She gets lazy with homework at home but her teacher says she does great in school. I struggle with her wanting too much attention from me and sleeps in my bed every night... along with Maysie and sometimes Makenna. If I could break her of it, I could break the others. I do cherish the moments though when we cuddle! She also has a tendency to try and stay awake until the others fall asleep so she can come out and sit with me at night...I try to avoid this as much as possible but doesn't always work. She is so very needy and clingy! She does try to be good, even though she has her moments! She can be so goofy too... some days I just don't know what to do with her. She told me one day in the car on our way home that she got made fun of. I asked why and she said a boy called her slow girl. I guess they were playing a game in gym class and she was... slow! That is Jaeli for you, the last to do everything. She can be very lazy and takes her sweet time. So I told her that next time she has gym to prove him wrong and go really really fast. She says she is going to, so we will see. And then that night, I asked her, why are you always the last one to brush your teeth? She looks up at me and smiles and says, "Because I am slow". Ha, it was cute. She didn't seem to be too upset by it and I am sure it wont be the first time she has to deal with being made fun of... but we will deal with it as it comes.

Maysie: Oh Maysie! She is my little spitfire! She is so much drama... every minute of every day! She too like Jaeli is very needy and if she doesn't get what she wants, you will know it. She has been struggling in school. She seems to have a couple friends, but no one very close. It took her awhile but once she got use to the situation and her surroundings, I think she opened up some. Her teacher says she does well when she sits with her, but in a group or on her own, she struggles. My biggest fear is one of them getting held back, and her teacher knows this. So she is working hard trying to keep her where she needs to be. She is in speech therapy and a special reading program but we are going to have her Aunt Mandy, who just happens to be an excellent teacher, tutor her for a couple months. Hopefully having someone she is comfortable with and knows, but doesn't get lazy with like my mom, Josh and I, she can have a big impact on her and help her get to where she needs to be. She is super excited about it and talks about working with Aunt Mandy often. They haven't even had their first session and I already see her trying harder. There are things she has known in the past but seems to have forgotten. Her reading and sounds, as well as rhyming are a struggle for her. She does love her cuddles with mommy and seems to be a daddy's girl at times.

Couldn't ask for anything more! These girls are amazing and excited to watch them grow into young ladies... hopefully not too quick though.

Jace Turns 4

Better late than never! Jace had a great 4th birthday. Grandma B came and took him in the morning so we could get ready for it. The girls helped decorate and had a great time doing it. The theme was Spiderman and we set up fun games and spider webs and a piƱata! We had lots of family and friends come over to celebrate with us. I think there was a total of 50 people in our house at once! I think it's safe to say this was his best and favorite party yet! 5 years will be even better, a real life superhero next time I think! Thanks to all our family and friends for celebrating the day with us.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Ballet Class

The girls have been in a ballet class for a couple months now. They seem to enjoy it. It's something new for them to do and Jace and I get some one on one time. We probably wont continue after the season just because of the drive to Decatur. Maybe we can find something closer to home. I have to pull them from school early on Mondays too because of the class time and the school days being extended due to the bad weather and so many days missed. But I think it is a good experience for them and opened them up a little more.