Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally, some pictures!

Miss Maysie
Jaeli Jo
Daddy with the girls!
All of us at the zoo!
Makenna eating lunch at the zoo!
Maysie and Jaeli eating lunch at the zoo!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update ... 14 months old

So the girls are 14 months old! We had their 1 year check up a couple weeks ago. Here are their weights:

Makenna: 24 lbs 6 oz and 29 3/4"

Jaeli: 20 lbs 8 oz and 27 3/4"

Maysie: 19 lbs 7 oz and 27 3/4"

Makenna is doing great, she is so much more advanced than the other two. She does everything and anything. She climbs a lot! I just started time-out, the first day she was in it 5 times in an hour! Hopefully over time, she starts to understand what it means. She can be a devil, but I love her to death! She keeps me on my feet! She does not cuddle much, but when she is tired, she will cuddle, I love it! She has 8 teeth plus a couple coming in. She gets really mad at something or someone, she BITES! And she will bite anything, a table, her toy, her foot, whatever she can find. When she is really mad, her whole body shakes as she is biting. She has lots of trouble sharing, she is always stealing toys from her sisters. She thinks its funny. But when they still from her, its so wrong!

Jaeli is still my laid back one, but man does she have a temper! Do not piss her off! She will bite, hit, scream, whatever! It is so funny! It is hard not to laugh. She is also lazy, she would rather crawl then try to walk! Hopefully once Maysie starts, she will catch on. She still LOVES to read. That is all she ever does. She throws the book at you so you will read it. She does it over and over! Josh will be sleeping on the couch and she will go up to him and throw it at his head until he wakes up to read to her. Oh, she also loves to be chased! It is so cute. She does it the best with Daddy! As soon as he walks in the room or she hears him coming, she crawls as fast as she can to the nearest person and jumps in their arms and then has this huge smile on her face while looking at her dad! I think she is a daddy's girl for sure! We have four teeth, two of the four have just come in! She is still my cuddlier, she is so sweet!

Mayise has become quite the silly girl! She loves to be silly. I think she will be the class clown when she is older! She is always trying to make us laugh. She is also very much drama! She cries about anything and everything! She throws herself on the ground and kicks her feet. I need to work on her a little I think. She wants to walk so bad. She is trying. She has taken a couple steps! I think she will be walking by October! I am pretty sure she is going to pass Jaeli! A few weeks ago she was sick, and ever since then she has become a cuddlier also. She always wants me to play with her and hold her. She is teething, so she has been a bit fussy. She has two in, and two coming in right now. I sure hope they break through soon! She is still so tiny, but hopefully catches up soon. She is my early bird, always the first one up! 7:30 every morning, she is the first one I hear! She is also the only one that ever falls asleep in the car! She loves attention, and probably always will!

As for all of them, they are doing great! They all love the dog, always trying to get kisses from her, laying their head on her or sitting on her. She does not seem to mind so much!

We have not had much luck with selling the house, but I am still hoping. There are not many out there, so not sure what we will do if we can't find one. I don't want to settle, so hopefully something will come available if we do sell.

We are turning our spare bedroom into a play room soon, so hopefully that will give them more to do and they wont get so bored! Now I just have to figure out how to do it!

The girls are the joy of my life! I will be out of a job soon, so it will be interesting to spend all day with them every day! My mom might take them a couple days a week though to give me a break! I hope to re-do their schedule and start reading to them more and having "learning" time! We are also going to start working on behavior. Makenna is the worst, cries when she does not get what she wants. I am going to start letting them cry and throw their fit and ignore them until they are done. Hopefully it helps! I will officially be a full time stay at home mom! It will be great! I will get to do what makes me most happy! Spending time with my girls!

20 Week Ultrasound

Skeleton Face!
Boy Parts!
Boy Parts Again!
Awesome profile pic, I love it!

We had our 20 week ultrasound today to measure the baby and make sure everything is going good! It is official, the baby is a BOY! We are so excited! I really thought it was a girl. What are we going to do! It will be a whole new experience for us. It is a little scary. Poor guy will have three older sisters to deal with!

His heart rate was 154, which is great. All his anatomy was great. My placenta, uterus, and sac all looked good! The doctor was worried about my placenta because of my pregnancy with the girls, but she said it is right where it needs to be! Our goal is to make it to 38 or 39 weeks.

We got to see his face and his hands and feet moving all around. It was great. The tech waited until the very end to tell us it was a boy, I was actually worried we would not get to find out because his legs were crossed. She had me move to my side, and there "it" was!

We are very excited to add a little boy to our family!

Falling Behind!

I am hoping by this weekend to have some new posts up. I have been very tired lately...and lazy! I have lots of pics to show though!

To Come: updates on the girls and hopefully if we are having a boy or a girl!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

So I was planning on doing this a couple days ago (12th). I think I am just losing my mind! Anyways, I just wanted to say Happy 3rd Anniversary to my wonderful husband! These have been the best 3 years of my life and I would not change a thing! (Well maybe a bigger house!) I would not have been able to get through this last year without you! You make it all possible! And I am sure this next year will be even more difficult, but I know we will get through it because we have each other! You are the best husband I could ask for! Not only am I lucky to have you, our children are very lucky as well! Thanks for being such a great husband and father and being there for us no matter what!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maysie is standing!!!

Makenna drinking from a cup at a family picnic. She got it dumped on her a few times!
Makenna climbing in a box!
Maysie standing, not very good picture. She always falls when I try to get a picture!
Jaeli Jo playing by herself as usual!

(Sorry for the quality of the pics, they were from my phone. Have not uploaded photos from my camera yet!)

So Maysie and Jaeli are a little behind. I decided to give it to 15 months and if they are not walking by then, then I am going to call First Steps to come in and evaluate them! They can do everything and anything, except walk! They stand just find so long as they are leaning up against something.

Well yesterday, my little Maysie decided she was going to try to stand all on her own! It was so great! I was so proud of her. Too bad Daddy missed it. And it was for a good 15 - 20 seconds. She probably did it 5 or 6 times last night, all by herself. I was sitting on the couch and would look over at her and she would be doing it! So hopefully this mean she will be walking in the next month or so!

As for Jaeli, well... she tries to do it for a few seconds and then jumps at you! I think Maysie is going to pass her. Hopefully if she does, it will give her the courage to give it a try!

Makenna has been walking/running for awhile now, so hopefully they are starting to realize its time to learn! My goal is to have them all walking WELL at 18 months when the new baby comes! We will see!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flash Cards and Time Out!

Jaeli playing with the flash cards!
Makenna has found a new way to play with this table! Always causing trouble!

So I decided to start flash cards! The earlier you start, the better they get ... at least that is what I hear. Right now, their brains are learning so much and taking in so much that this is the best time to teach them. Over time, they will eventually remember what you are telling and showing them! They don't seem too interested right now, except to play with them. But I am hoping, over time they will remember the words and pictures and be able to recognize them and tell me what they see! They need to be talking more than they are, so hopefully this helps too!

Time Out...well, yesterday I had to "try" it out for the first time. What I did was take 4 sides of the Superyard Gate and make a box out of it for "time out". Ha! That did not work at all! I have a video, but can not upload for some reason. Anyways, Makenna was not listening and kept repeating what I was telling her not to do, so I had to put her in time out. She cried for a couple seconds, and then all of a sudden the "time out" box started moving across the room. Yeah, so much for that idea! They loved it! Now I have to come up with something else!

Very Gross! Thanks Makenna! (Don't look at the pics if you get grossed out by poop!)

Her Blanket!
The sheets...and toys!
The floor!
The crib rails!

So on Monday, it was Josh's birthday and I had to go to an apt. So I left the girls with him for a couple hours. Most of it was during nap time. Well... Makenna decided to give him a great birthday present! He said he walked in there, picked her up and then put her right back down once he noticed her and everything else covered in poop! He then went and got the other two out and started a bath. She was already undressed, so it was easy to throw her in the tub. But she screamed the whole time! I walk in and the girls are sitting down for lunch! Josh says, I am so glad you are home, go look in the nursery. I could smell it before I even went in. Oh WOW! Poop everywhere! She had it on the floor, on the mattress, on her blanket, on the crib bars! Of course, I had to clean it up! The smell lasted all day. Pretty gross! It sure is a birthday daddy will never forget! I just think it is really funny that the one day Josh has to be home alone with them after a nap, she does this! Ha! I knew it was coming, just was not sure!

Vacation Pictures

The view from the deck!
Makenna wearing her hat, trying to take it off!
Makenna at the beach, showing off the sand!
Maysie and Jaeli having fun in the chair!
Maysie at the Beach!
Our eating area!
Jaeli at the Caves!
Jaeli at the beach.
Close Up!
Our big playpin! (The Deck)
Wanting to get into the kitchen to help cook!
All of us on the beach!

These are the much overdue vacation pictures!