Saturday, February 21, 2009


Just wanted to let all my readers know I will be pretty busy for the next week or so because my sister is getting married. I will post some pics of the wedding after! The girls dresses are so cute! It is a big time for my sister, so I need to spend most of my time getting ready for it and helping her out so she does not stress too much!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Girls!

Miss Makenna
Miss Maysie
Miss Jaeli
This is how we do all three by themselves!

I am so proud of my girls, I had to post a few more pics of them holding their bottles! I have been waiting for this day for awhile! They are doing a great job. They do like to play with them towards the end, but that is okay, I am not so worried anymore about them finishing their bottles. I just help them out a bit and they usually finish. So long as they get what they want, they are usually okay! Makenna "drives" her bottle, its funny. She turns it like a steering wheel! Maysie usually holds it with one hand and Jaeli does pretty good holding it the right way.

Jaeli is also rolling over by herself! And Makenna is starting to get up on her knees! Hopefully Maysie will start rolling over soon! Pretty soon I will have three babies crawling all over the place! It is also official, Makenna has her very first tooth. It looks like the bottom right front tooth. She has been so fussy the last couple days, now I know why!

Monday, February 16, 2009

RSV Shots

Well we had another round of RSV shots. It went as usual, happy as could be, and then bang....all the crying! They also got their second flu shot. Next year they will only have to get it once! The nurse said one more round of RSV shots and they should be done! So that is good, no more driving on the other side of town! So here are the weights!

Makenna is 19 lbs 7 oz
Jaeli is 16 lbs 15 oz
Maysie is 15 lbs 7 oz!

My girls are getting big! Seems like yesterday they weighed 10 lbs less each. Time flys! Enjoy them while they are little mommies! I am still hoping to not switch Makenna and the other two to regular rear facing car seats until the weather gets nicer! 9 oz to go for Makenna!

Valentines Day!

I had a great Valentines Day with my girls and wonderful husband! First I will start off with my husband...he actually got me a gift this year! The one year I don't get him anything b/c he usually doesn't get me anything! Well this year he did, and he planned it ahead of time! I was shocked! He sent me 9 red roses with 3 calla lilies, my favorite flowers! He remembered! He also bought me, or us, a new tv to put on the wall to make more room in the living room! It will be nice when it is up and I have the living room organized again! As for the girls...we decided to take them out to eat for the very first time! Thankfully, my parents were with us! We decided to go easy and went to Pizza Hut! The girls did great and we didn't get too much attention. It was really nice!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Holding our own bottles at 7 mths old!!!!

Maysie holding her bottle!
Jaeli holding her bottle!
Big girl Makenna wearing daddy's hat!
Daddy and Jaeli taking a nap!
Miss Maysie taking a nap all bundled up...reminds me of the NICU...they way she looks.

Yeppie, we are finally holding our own bottles! I can't believe it. It has only been a few days, so we are still new at it, but they are doing great! It is so so so much easier! The bottles have handles, so I think that is what makes it so easy for them. I am also hoping this will help the transition from bottle to sippy cup eventually! The bottles I bought came with a bottle nipple and a sippy cup nipple...I love these bottles!!! I had to add a couple other pics of the girls too!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

6 Month Hospital Pictures Are In!

Here are some of the many hospital pictures we got! I think they turned out pretty well! Makenna did the best. Jaeli did pretty good too but cried once or twice. Maysie was pretty boring, but she did good.


So the last couple days we have all been sick. Now I know why Jaeli had a messy diaper! We all had some kind of 24 hour bug. The girls got sick, then me, then Josh and now Grandpa! I think we are recovering though. The girls still are not eating well, but hopefully it will pick back up again soon. Naps are going okay. Still working on them. They usually take 1-2 hour nap and 1 -1 hour nap a day. Sometimes it switches from morning to afternoon. Jaeli does the best I think. Makenna, she just wants to play most of the time! I think she would rather sleep in Grandpas lap! They all experienced their first baths in the real bathtub yesterday with mommy! They all seemed to enjoy it pretty well! It was a bit slippery, but not too bad. I wore a t-shirt to help, but didn't really need it. I think it will be an occasional thing since it hurts my back sitting in there straight up for so long. We took a break from baby food the last couple days since they were sick, but today we started up again. If we don't stick to it everyday, they seem to forget how to do it, so now we have to start all over!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jaeli's First Shower!

Jaeli had her first shower yesterday! Here are the events that led up to this...

9 a.m. Feed girls their morning bottle. Jaeli eats about 5 of 7 oz. (normal)

10:30 - 1 p.m. Jaeli takes a nap in her crib. (Very unusual, she never sleeps that long)

1 p.m. Feed girls their afternoon bottle. Jaeli eats 1 oz and then...she coughs, next she pukes her 1 oz up, and then she pukes an ounce or two from the morning bottle, and then she pukes an ounce or two from the morning bottle again. The bib was soaked so I had no choice and had to point her towards the carpet. It went so fast, I didn't have time to get up. She would not drink anymore after that.

1:20 p.m. Clean the carpet!

1:30 p.m. Time for solids, Peas and Prunes..YUM!! It is their least favorite. I should have known! Well I offered it to Jaeli a few times and she gaged every time and spit most of it out.

2:00 p.m. Playtime, I put them all in their play centers. Maysie gets fussy, so I pick her up and start playing with her.

2:15 p.m. I smell something horrid (usually means Whitney, the dog is farting). I told Whitney to go to the other room. Well a couple minutes pass and I still smell it. So I smell Maysie, nothing, I walk over to Makenna, nothing, then I make my way to Jaeli. OH MY GOD!!! She had no clothes on b/c she pucked all over them, so just had a diaper on. I look down at her, at her diaper, and pull it back just a bit. Instantly, poop on my finger...the diaper was full of poopy liquid. At this point, I figured out why she was pucking and wasn't eating. I take her over to the couch to change her. As soon as I lay her down, all the liquid flows out of the diaper onto the changing pad. YUCK! Luckily, Daddy was taking a shower...I pull her diaper off and carry her to the shower, arms extended. I said, Daddy, I have a present for you, turn the water down! He grabbed her and rinsed her off and rubbed her down with shampoo. The whole time I was afraid he was going to drop her b/c she was so slippery! She loved it though! Wow, by far, the worst diaper!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

7 Months Old!!!

Well the girls are 7 months old. So I thought I would say a little about each of them.

She is about 20lbs now, she is growing like crazy! She is so alert and starting to become very interested in everything around her. She also has to see what is going on all the time. She sits up really well, she can even sit up on her own when she is laying in someones arms. She finds her way around when laying on the floor, but not by crawling, by scooting on her belly or rolling. Occasionally she will get stuck somewhere and I will have to move her, but other than that, she does a great job. I think she might be walking sooner than later. She holds herself up pretty well and takes steps, but not balanced very well, so will probably be a couple months or more! Her smiles are adorable, when she does smile! She still only laughs occasionally. She is generally happy most of the time. She is eating baby food great and doing okay on her naps.

She is about 17 lbs now, getting big. She may catch up to Makenna soon! She is still my sleeper and loves to laugh. I can always find some way to make her laugh. She is sitting a little better and starting to roll over, she has not done it completely by herself yet. I think she would just prefer to be on her back, she usually cries when on her stomach. We will get there! She is a great sleeper when it comes to naps, at least so far. She sleeps the most during our scheduled naps, and cat-naps in the evening! She is doing pretty well on baby food, she doesn't make too big of a mess. I think she enjoys it. Every time she wakes up and before bed, she always gives us the cutest smile. She loves to be talked to.

She is about 15lbs now, falling a little behind, but hopefully she will catch up. She is my little baby. She is definitely a drama queen! She likes to over-cry! She does okay on naps, usually falls asleep by herself, but does not stay asleep long. As for baby food, she still doesn't like it much. She will eat some of it, but most of it ends up on her bib! She is still my silly girl, I can usually make her laugh and smile. She can sit okay unassisted by herself, but only for a little bit. She is still not interested in turning over, but hopefully I can work with her a little more on it. She is always interested in her sisters, she likes to grab for their pacifiers!

I am trying to keep track of what baby food they like. So far, they don't like peaches. They are all starting to take things from each other, but they love each others attention. Their hair is starting to finally grow, I might be able to put some bows in their hair soon! They still are not sleeping more than 7 or 8 hrs a night. Naps are going okay, but going to take some time!