Thursday, December 28, 2017

Winter Fun!

We have the best driveway for sledding when it's icy out. Especially in freezing rain. A few days ago we got a little bit of snow and with the weather being cold, the driveway was icy, so the kids begged to go sledding. They had so much fun. Josh and I just laid in the bedroom and watched them, and laughed at them. They were so funny. Then when they were all done and had enough, they came in for some hot cocoa! Memories were made that day!

Santa visit #1

Each year we attend the Elks Christmas party. The kids always have a blast. There are lots of games and a visit from Santa who personally gives them each a gift. This year we had basketball so we had to rush out. But they still had fun.


Well we had our first official e-learning day a week or two ago. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate e-learning! Okay so it wouldn't be so bad if I was a stay-at-home mom, and had the time to sit with the kids to help them. The teachers say that they should be able to do it independently. That's a joke! There is no way Jace can do it by himself. He would never get it done. Makenna, sure but maybe with a little guidance. The other two girls, they need a lot more assistance. I sure wish I had snow days to take for work. Oh, I do... my vacation time... because I don't need those for doctor's appointments, summer break, oh, or maybe for a vacation! When I did complain about it to the teachers when they asked my opinion, they said well, you can do it in the evening, or over the next few days. Yeah because when I get off work that's all I want to do is spend another 2 or 3 hours doing school work with four kids. What is the big deal about making up two or three days at the end of the year. How often have we had to go for more than a week after the last day of school? I can't remember but maybe one time. These families want to take summer vacations right when school ends. Well that's on them, that's their choice... so why do those of us who barely have enough time to spend with our kids after working all day, have to pay the price. Is it really that big of a deal to schedule your vacation a week after school gets out? Let them enjoy a snow day. Kids used to hope for snow days, it meant they got to sleep in, and watch TV all day or play in the snow. But now, they have to spend two to three hours doing school work and miss out on all the fun. And now so do the parents.  So as you can see I don't like e-learning days. And I'm sure it works great for some families. But for our family it does not.
 Jace listening to a story... He looks so thrilled!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It's finally over!

What is over, you ask? Basketball! It's been a couple weeks now but I'm very happy to say basketball has come to an end. I think this was the first sport they all four played at the same time. I have a strong feeling only two of the four will be playing next year. And I'm sure many of you can guess, that will be Makenna and Jace.

I was a little disappointed with Jace's basketball group, if I remember correctly there are only about 5 weeks of it and only play one day a week. And the first two days the coaches were just teaching them the basic skills of basketball. The last 3 days he actually got to play in a game, but only for 15 to 30 minutes. Next year he'll be in the older group, like the girls were, so he'll be able to play a lot longer if he chooses to. But the most important thing is he had fun.

As for the girls, that just took up so much of our time. We had practice 1 to 2 days a week plus a game every Saturday morning. Saturday mornings began at 7 a.m. to get ready for the 8 a.m. game. Let alone having to be there early. Not much family came to watch them play, which is fine since it was their first year and not really that big of a deal. And some of the games are just too early in the morning to expect anyone to come.

The girls team was made up of the three of them, twin sisters, and their cousin, and another set of sisters. That's it! It was a three-family team! Three of the girls on the team were very good, Makenna and one of the other sisters were pretty good themselves. And then there was the Twins and one other girl who was younger and they all needed a lot more practice. Mostly Jaeli and Maysie, but they tried hard, did their best, and had fun... Most of the time anyways.  They all made a great team. Heck they were undefeated up until the tournament. I was not very happy how they had the tournament setup. It didn't matter that they were undefeated and no one could beat them. The tournament was totally random. Fortunately the girls won their first game, barely with one second to go. The second game they got their butts kicked! So they did not get to move on to the final game. Honestly,  that day seemed to be the worst day for them. I had never seen all of their good players play so bad before. I have no clue which team ended up winning. Once you lost, that was it, you left and it was over. Usually they give them some kind of award, like a metal or trophy. But they got nothing, absolutely nothing. Very disappointed as the girls were looking forward to it. But thanks to the great coaches they had, they had fun while doing it. I don't see the Twins playing year, but pretty sure Makenna will since it is her favorite sport.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Worst mom of the year!

Jace had a class play the other day and I promised him I would go. So I arrive and realize I'm 15 minutes late. I got the time wrong. I had gone to the same play last year for Maysie and knew it was a short play. I was worried. I make it to the classroom right as it ended... Jace sees me, smiles and waves, then looks away. Once they were dismissed from their positions, he cane over and hugged me, then I looked at him and he has tears in his eyes. I felt horrible. I asked him why he was crying. He said because I missed the play. I just held him for about 5 minutes and hugged him and kept apologizing. His teacher looked at me and said I'm so sorry. She knew I got the time wrong at that point. Thankfully one of the moms videotaped most of it of her daughter who stood near Jace. But unfortunately I have yet to see that video. He has asked me once or twice since then if I've seen it yet. Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever see it. Made me very sad!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

New TV and Xbox fun!

Have you ever played Battleship as a kid? I did and loved playing it, so when I saw it as a game on xbox, I bought it. Kids love it too but man are they sore losers! They take turns playing each other and whenever they lose, they get mad and storm off with a few unfriendly words and tears. Pretty comical but it's starting to get better since I don't let them play the next time if they get upset when they lose. We played for the first time on our new tv!

Jace's 8th birthday around the corner!

Can't believe my baby will be 8!! Time is flying by. He decided to do a minecraft birthday party which will be at the library. We had fun preparing for it and have a lot left to do.

Christmas Time

Its almost Christmas! Kids had fun puting up the tree and Lucy, our cat, enjoys it too. My poor tree!

Since the girls do not believe anymore, they asked if they could do the Elf on the Shelf. I hate doing it, so of course I said yes. They have been doing pretty good. Makenna is usually the most creative. Jaeli and Maysie stick to simple things unless Mak gives them an idea.

Sent out our holiday cards and many said they enjoyed it and got a good laugh out of it... Kids had fun making it! Not sure what we will do next year. Will be hard to top it.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Helper

I wanted to make a little appetizer before the holidays begin so I have something to take to the families. Makenna loves them and asked to help. She saved me some time so that was nice! These are buffalo chessy chicken wraps. I can make them ahead of time and freeze them.

No power!

Power went out this morning and woke us up! We had to get up for basketball anyways. Kids thought it was fun ... But mad they couldn't do any electronics or cook breakfast. We ate cereal and then got ready and left for their game. When we got back, it was back on!

Being Silly

Maysie and Makenna were playing a game in my room and Jace, Jaeli, and I were laying on the bed watching. They love laying in bed with me and use it as time to play around and be silly, jumping on me. Got a couple pictures but it was dark so Jace couldn't handle the flash.

Makenna's Braces

Its almost time! Only a couple more months and she gets them off. Yesterday she got rubber bands put on... She has to change them 3x a day so this will be interesting. Hopefully she will keep up with it. She said they are annoying at times and hard to eat with. Told her to give it a few more days and she will get used to them.