Monday, December 29, 2008

Bottle Prop

I had some other mom's wanting to know what I use, so here is a picture of it! Let me know if you want the website! It works great! Only 10 bucks!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas Presents

Miss Maysie
Jaeli with a big smile!
This is Makenna's favorite!
Makenna playing with some toys!

Here are some of the gifts the girls got from Santa! They seem to enjoy them. I even got a couple smiles out of um! My living room is so crowded now, but that's okay. It's probably only going to get worse as time goes on! We will manage!


We finally got all 13 grandkids together! They did pretty good...I don't think anyone was crying.
Alexis, Landon, Matlin, Ethon
Mekynzi, Jaeli, Kalina, Steven, Kenneth, Noah, Maysie, Kailie, Makenna
Chillin on the pool table with their gifts from Santa!
Finally, Santa was able to hold all three together! (Thanks Jeff)

Here are some pictures from the girls first Christmas! They are a little young to enjoy it, but I think everyone enjoyed them! We had a long couple days and I think we are all finally recovered from it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

RSV Shots

Well we got our RSV shots today. They screamed as usual. Especially my drama queen, Miss Maysie! They also told me that the shot should prevent them from getting any sicker than they already that is good. I still took Makenna and Maysie to the doctor today. He checked them over and said they just have a cold, and nothing to worry about right now unless they get a fever. He said there is a chance it could turn into pneumonia or ear infection, but he doesn't think it will! They are still very happy, so hopefully they stay that way! They told me to give them a 1/2 tsp. of Lemon Juice and Karo Syrup mixture every four hours if their throat seems to be bothering them. They don't seem to mind it too much. Their weights are...Makenna 17lbs, Jaeli 14lbs and Maysie 13lbs, so they have all gained a pound in a month which is pretty good.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Visit with Santa

He was too fat to hold all three! Poor Makenna gets put on the bottom, but only because she can sit on her own.
Here comes Santa Claus!
We fell asleep before Santa got here!

Our first experience with Santa went pretty well. Josh is a member of the Elks Lodge and they have a kids Christmas Party every year, so we decided to take them so we could get a picture with Santa Claus! They didn't cry, so that was good! They slept most of the time. Everyone loved um! Our three little Reindeer!

Play Area

Here is our new play area. Since Makenna has been able to move around much, we had to put something up for what is to come soon. I think she will be crawling by 7 months! They got their Christmas present from Mommy and Daddy early...the big toy in the left corner! They like the lights, but still too little to play with it, maybe another month or so! I have the gate opened for now, but once they start crawling, I plan on closing it completely so they can't get too hurt or trampled on by the dog!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just some pictures of the girls!

They did so good for this picture, couldn't get any smiles, but I think its cute!
I was trying to capture the same expression!
It is pretty easy to tell who is who since Maysie is about 1-2 lbs smaller than Jaeli.
I thought this was a great photo opportunity for Makenna, right before I had to wake her up for a bath!

Here are some pics of the girls from the last couple weeks. We are still feeling a little under the weather, but getting better! The girls make me smile each day, they have such great personalities already...and attitudes! It is so cute though! Jaeli is becoming more vocal and letting you know when she wants something. Makenna is still as interesting and entertaining as she has always been. Miss Maysie is my poor little sick baby right now, crying a lot...therefore, being held a lot. I think she is getting even more spoiled! I have learned to take her into the kitchen with me and put her in her high chair and she will just sit there and watch me do whatever I am doing at the time. Makes it a little easier to not "hold" her all the time when she is crying.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

We Are Sick:-(

Well I got sick a few days ago somehow and now the girls are sick. Hopefully the RSV shots help them from getting too sick. We will just have to keep a close eye on them. Maysie is coughing a lot, Jaeli somewhat and Makenna not much yet. I guess once one of us gets sick, all of us gets sick! It isn't too bad, just a cough and occasional runny nose and sneezing. I don't feel drained or have a fever or anything like hopefully the girls don't get it worse than I have it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The DNA results are in...

Maysie & Jaeli

Well I got the results today! It is official...we are IDENTICAL!!! I was shocked. I have been told they are fraternal b/c they were in different sacs. It is so nice to know, and it will be nice to be able to tell them when they are older! Everyone is surprised. We all had our suspicions...but we figured they just look similar! I think their dad was the most shocked! I am excited to watch them grow older and see how much alike they really do look alike! And to watch their personalities. Hopefully Makenna wont feel left out. Poor girl. I will just have to give her extra special attention when she does feel left out!
From the following samples supplied by Megan Johnson we have obtained the following
results to 99.9% accuracy:
Sample Reference Relationship Status
Jaeli Johnson Twin Sister Identical DNA
(Identical Twins)
Maysie Johnson Twin Sister Identical DNA
(Identical Twins)

Indianapolis Colts Game

(Not a very good picture, used my phone)

We were offered 4 Colts tickets on Saturday for the Sunday game. I called up my sister and her and her fiance went with Josh and I! It was a good time. They had never been to a colts game, so I think they enjoyed themselves. Josh and I were excited to see the new stadium too! They kicked butt! Smoked um! It was a blow out game. The seats were scary though. There are 6 sections up and we were in the 5th section, 1st row. Wow...long ways down. One push...and bye bye! We were very surprised because the glass only came up a little above my knees. That can not be safe. You get someone drunk or someone trips and they will fall right over. Josh didn't move much...afraid of heights! It was pretty funny! Every time my sisters fiance would get up to yell or cheer, she would grab his pants really fast to make sure he didn't fall over! It didn't bother me at all! But I was the one who had to keep getting the beverages and snacks! My MIL watched the girls for us. We didn't get back until 9 p.m. though, and from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. (feeding time) is always rough. So other than that hour period of time, they did pretty good for them. Josh and I were afraid we would have to break our tradition this year, and not make it to a game. We have gone every year we have been together at least once. But we knew we couldn't afford to buy any tickets this year, so we were happy when someone offered them to us pretty cheap! I missed my girls though! Hopefully in a few years, the ticket prices wont be too bad and we can take them with us! (But will be hard getting 5 in a row!)

Friday, December 5, 2008

DNA test results still not in.

I just wanted to vent about the DNA test results. I am so disappointed in them. It has been 24 days since I sent them in. This is ridiculous. I have spoken to three different people. I was suppose to get the results today but b/c of a bad sample, it will now be Tuesday. I am a very impatient person, so this is driving me nuts! This company was spoken very highly of, and I am not so impressed. I understand things get delayed, but come on, 24 days??? They said between 7 and 14 days after they received it. And now its going to be 27 days before I find out, unless they run into another problem, and then it will be even longer. I better find out Tuesday or I want my money back and will go somewhere else!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Five Months!!!

Here is a picture of our final Christmas Card of the girls...five months old!

We have hit 5 months! I weighed Makenna today and she is a tad over 17 lbs! I also weighed Jaeli and she has hit 14 lbs, maybe a little more. I was not able to weigh Maysie, she was sleeping at the time, but I am assuming she is about 13 lbs. Hopefully I can remember to weigh her tomorrow! I can't believe how big they are getting. They are really showing their personalities now and changing every day! Their Grandpa is going to be staying here for awhile, so that will be nice to have him here even more than he usually is and I am sure the girls will love it! I have been wanting to re-organize the house for awhile now, and this is the perfect reason to do so! So my parents are taking the girls for about 10 hours on Saturday so I can do the organizing and clean house. It needs it badly! I thought I would type a little about each of them.

Miss Maysie has become very spoiled. She cries the most and wants to be held a lot. I think the crying has a lot to do with gas and her acid reflux. It is getting a little better, but still frustrating. She has the cutest smile and loves to talk. She has this new thing where she gurgles her formula in the back of her throat while she is eating. She thinks it is funny!

Miss Jaeli is very sweet. She loves to smile and laughs the most. She thinks everything is funny. If she is in a bad mood, you can't get a smile out of her. But if she is in a good mood, she never stops smiling and laughing. And when she is hungry, she wants fed then and there, or else! She doesn't usually cry unless she is hurting from the acid reflux or hungry. Sometimes she will cry if she has a dirty diaper. She is also trying to turn over. Soon, she will have it down! She is a sweetheart!

Miss Makenna. My chunky girl...she is getting so big. She still loves to eat. She has learned how to turn over and scoot on her stomach. She can be grumpy, but she will smile at just about anything. She still loves to watch tv. I just started working on sitting up with her. So hopefully she will have that down soon. She is very independent, but loves attention!