Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fun Fun Fun!

All the kids... including cousin Josie eating breakfast at Grandmas and Grandpas house!
Enjoying their yogurt and grapes... which they have to dip into the yogurt. This is Grandmas thing when she watches them while I am at work!
They sure do love to dress like their babies!
Lego fun, they love to build anything and everything, especially when Aunt Kris makes trucks and cats and whatever else they tell her to make!

More Gymnastics

Here are a few more pics from gymnastics, not very good... but you can tell they are smiling!

Friday, February 24, 2012


The girls start preschool in September and I am worried about how they will do the first few days. Having four kids under age 4 does not allow us to get out much or be around other people, especially kids. They have always been with me, Josh or their grandmas and on occasion, an aunt or great aunt - but that is it. So I decided to get them into gymnastics, hoping to warm them up and help with their shyness.

So we had their first class on Wednesday after I got off work, it was an hour before bedtime, so I new they would be tired, but it was a free trial class, so we had to take what we could get. Thankfully Josh got the day off work and Grandma B came with us. And thanks to Aunt Kris for watching Jace so we didn't have to worry about chasing him around.

So we get there and Mak is excited, JJ is holding on tight to my mom and Maysie seemed a bit scared, wanted Josh to hold her and would not let him put her down. There were lots of people there, guess Wednesdays are very busy. So they were just watching all the action. Then it was time for our class. Thankfully none of the other kids showed up for the class, so their instructor was able to focus on just them and we didn't interfere with the other kids.

So we got back to the mats and with a little hesitation they each pick a mat  - their instructor, Patsy, asked them to sit down, they just stared at her. So she sat them down. She then went over some exercises and asked them to do them as well but again, they just stared at her and she had to help them do it. Mak pushed her away once when she tried to help her.

And let me mention, Josh, myself and mom all had to go with them... normally we are suppose to sit back and watch, but I knew that wasn't going to happen, and they understood and let us do it no problem!

So we went to the big trampoline and the best we could was getting Mak to stand on it. So I suggested taking them to the small trampoline and FINALLY we got Maysie to jump! Then of course Mak jumped, but JJ still would not do it and even cried for us one time. After jumping they did some flips and standing on their head with a few other things... but only cause they got stickers every time!

Mak held back a lot but participated for the most part, some stuff she would not do until one of the other two girls did it. She seemed to enjoy herself once she felt a little more comfortable. Lots of high fives for patsy, so that was good.

JJ held back the longest and about the last 15 minutes, she finally open up and started to do everything Patsy asked her to do with a HUGE smile on her face! That was great to see. She also gave Patsy lots of high fives.

Maysie got the most stickers, after she started jumping on the trampoline, she really opened up and was all about doing all the exercises. She had a blast! And again, many high fives!

Right at the end, I could tell they were really tired. So after the class I spoke with the owner and there were not many classes that could fit 3 more kids, as most classes only allow 6 at a time in them. Ha... we are half the class! So she is going to open one up for us after Spring Break when the college students come back to instruct. That was very nice of them. So I got to pick my day and pretty much time. Hoping 3 more kids join so they can get use to other kids as well. She also said one of the instructors told her about me asking for information on Preschool where she also works and she was assuming I was the same person. She was right, so it would be even better if we got her as an instructor and then she would be their Preschool teacher as well!

Overall, it was a great experience and very happy Josh got to see their first "real" experience outside of the normal. Hope to have more pics of it later!

New Coats!

Got the kids some new Spring coats on sale... they just had to wear them all night until bedtime. They love them because the pockets have zippers. They were finding small toys, sticking um in their pockets and giving them to me as gifts... too cute! Jace loved having pockets too, but he didn't have zippers, but seemed content on his hoodie that the girls don't have!

Friday, February 17, 2012