Friday, July 30, 2010

Pics of a normal day...

Look at that face. Where did my baby go? Seriously, she looks 4! She is getting so big so fast. I miss my baby! She is my huger and kisser! She loves to give them to me anytime I ask! I think she is going to be extremely smart and a tom boy! And you can't forget that she LOVES to be chased. It is her favorite thing in the whole world! She is still very much the initiater, the other two always follow what she is doing! Love my big girl! Oh the screams...if only they would stop!
Miss Independent! Jaeli looking innocent as ever. HA HA, yeah right! She likes to pretend she is all sweet and innocent and then she attacks! But she can be such a sweet heart! According to my parents, she is a mini me! She is the best with the tickles, love her laugh. She has a new sound... she shapes the lips into an O and says OhOhOh, OhOhOh, OhOhOh. She only does it when you lift her up really high! It is so funny! She has the cutest smile ever, love to see it!

This is a perfect pic of maysie. She is almost always sitting/laying with me and is usually moody or drama! She has not been liking having her picture taken lately. She just wants her momma! Although, I think today she sat with Grandpa more! She is also getting teeth in, so makes it 10x worse! But she is by far my cuddler! Always the first to sit with me when reading books at night. She is still so tiny, she will always be my baby girl! Her facial expressions are the best!!!

My poor Maysie...

She looks miserable, you can see the scratches on her chin and on the right side of her jaw line.
This was the front of her, scratches all over!
And the back was the worst.

All she wants to do is play with the other two, usually Makenna though. She is always right there behind them wanting to do what they are doing. Always copying them and checking to see if they are doing something better than what she is at that moment. So she has a lot of contact with the other two all day long. I don't know if they get annoyed with it or what, but it seemed like for a few days she was being bullied by them big time. She just loves attention, loves to make them and us laugh and can be so sensitive...but sweet too. Boy did she look like she had the heck beat out of her! The other two are much more aggressive than her, as you can see!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time for a hair cut?

Crazy Hair!
He was very tired and ready for bed during this picture!

Well the girls have not even had their hair yet, but Jace is about to have his second one! Maybe its cause he is a boy, I don't know but it grows like crazy!

My sister in law watched him for me yesterday and said there were many moments during the 2 hours she had him that she almost buzzed it off! I guess it annoyed her, probably cause I styled him with a mow hawk that day!

I love his hair, but it is getting a little crazy! So I think its time for another buzz!

It's not easy being a triplet!

It’s not easy being a triplet

Really, if you think about it, it can't be easy growing up with 2 other people the EXACT same age as you.

Fighting for space since conception.

Never having anything that is truly yours unless you fight for it and claim it.

People constantly stealing your stuff and then crying when you take it back.

Always having to wait your turn.

Always having to share Mom and Dad's time and attention.

Having to guard your possessions with your life so that they don't turn up missing.

(Copied from another triplet momma's post!)

Another thought... how is different being a mother of triplets compared to a mother of a singleton?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wieghts on the girls!

As you can see in the picture, Jace has the pink one and the girls have the green ones...I think we need to switch it up!!!

We had an apt. yesterday and got weighed! It was very interesting. They had to weigh me first, then weigh me holding each of them. They also did not want to get a height reading either, so that was difficult and we pretty much guessed!

Makenna 28.25lbs
Jaeli 24.75lbs
Maysie 23lbs

In the last 6 months, Makenna has gained a few ounces, Jaeli just a couple and Maysie one! I guess we have just been very active this summer!

What is going on... well not much.

Still having problems fighting, biting, hitting, scratching, etc. But I guess that is expected for their age. Hopefully it will get better, until then, we are just going to have to deal with it.

Sleeping arrangements, well they were not going so well. I would get "locked" out of their room by them turning their play pins upside down in front of the door. So the second time it happened, I took them out and just put the play pin mattresses on the floor. I have ordered some new ones that are actual mattresses and much thicker and comfortable for them. They should last us until they are ready for bunk beds, probably around the age of 6 or so. Sometimes they sleep on them, sometimes they don't!

Jace is becoming a big boy! He is starting to get into that phase where he wants to get anything and everything around him. So he is a wiggle worm when trying to hold him. We started baby food and he is doing great so far. Hopefully after a couple months I can get him on the same schedule as the girls for feeding times, with maybe an extra bottle. The nurse also said we can start trying sippy cups with him and easy finger foods like puffs and things he can't choke on. I think we will stick with just baby food for a little while, then give those a try! He has though used a sippy cup, sometimes the girls milk or juice. But now I give him his own and when he grabs one of the girls, they usually take him his. He also sits no problem on his own, on occasion he will fall over, but not often! He is trying really hard to crawl, I am sure its coming anytime! I am in no rush though!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

We have take off...pee pee in the potty!

So makenna came up to me this morning and acted like something was wrong. She had a funny face and was pretty much groping herself and pointed to the bathroom. Well I had put all the potty's up for now, and was just going to try in another month or two. So I asked her if she had to go potty and she said yes, so we ran to the bathroom and I took her to the big toilet. Well she did not want that one. So then I ran to the closet where the potties were stashed and grabbed one. Came back into the bathroom, along with the other two following me. I set it on the floor and took her diaper off for her. She sat on it for about 5 minutes while they other two cried cause they were not sitting on one! She then got up, grabbed it really fast and headed to the toilet to dump it out. Well...she grabbed it so fast, it went all over the floor. Luckily she only dribbled a little, so not much to clean up. But was great that she told me and actually went, even if it was just a little! So we then flushed the toilet and put the seat back on the floor and left the bathroom. Not too much crying from the other two, I was surprised! I then snuck her an m&m and told her good job for going pee pee in the potty. And of course she shook her head yes with a big smile on her face! Yeah Makenna, my big girl!


Well its getting worse! We now bite so hard we bleed. They just love each other so much!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sisters Wedding...Just some pictures!

Josh, Megan, Maysie, Jaeli, Jace, Makenna

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Potty Training - Failure!

Well we have failed. I am sure if we stuck to it for a few weeks we could do it, at least Makenna, but that is just way too much work with 4 kids 2 and under to take care of! Makenna did pretty good but got bored with it after 2 days and no longer cares! So we will try again in a few months. I guess I will just have to stock up on duct tape and safety pins to keep the diapers and clothes on!!! They will do it when they are ready... its just not their time yet!

And....we are all sick once again!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jace 6 Month Check Up

Jace's appt. went pretty well. He is doing great, doing all he should be doing for his age. He of course was flirting with the doctor and nurse! He is just all smiles and laughs.

Nothing really new to report except that he rolls all over the place and can usually get where he wants to be by rolling and using his arms to turn around. Crawling is coming soon I am sure! He is always happy to see me! I spend so much time with him compared to what I spent with the girls, I think I am spoiling him! He is getting better about putting himself to sleep instead of being held...but its hard not to hold him when he is tired, he is just so cuddly and cute! (I think Grandpa feels the same!)

He has gone three nights straight now not having a late night feeding (usually around 11pm or 12am). Its been sometime between 730 and 9 when he eats last and then goes to bed shortly after until about 7 or 8am. So he averages about 11 hours straight!

As for baby food, we tried for about a month and he just did not seem too interested. So we will try again here in a couple weeks. It is not like he needs it!

Weight: 19lbs even
Height: 25 3/4"
75th% weight, 25th% height and 75th% head.

He will outgrow his car seat carrier at 22lbs so we might be converting to a regular rear facing car seat by 9mths old!

We are in trouble...

This is what has been happening lately. They just wont keep their diapers on. They refuse! I think I went in during their naptime 3 times in a row and put all their diapers back on. I eventually pulled out the duct tape and wrapped it all the way around! So I guess this means its either time to potty train or stock up on duct tape! I think we will give potty training a try!

Holding Hands

Holding Hands. Jaeli refused to hold Makennas, could only hold Maysies.
Holding hands walking down the hall way.
All of us holding hands. (I think this was Maysie idea, first she started with Jaeli, and then Makenna saw and had to get in on it. Usually Maysie is the follower.)

The girls new thing now is holding hands and hugging each other. One day Maysie and Jaeli just kept hugging over and over until Maysie fell down and hurt herself. Then she wanted nothing to do with hugging and just wanted held. Oh but Jaeli was so devastated that Maysie would not hug her anymore, all she wanted was to keep hugging Maysie. Makenna tried to hug her and I tried to hug her, but nope, just Maysie. And when they twins were hugging, Makenna tried but they would not let her. I felt so bad for her. What will we do if the twins become really close??? I just made sure I gave Makenna some extra hugs and kisses and loved on her a lot while they were doing it. Maybe Makenna and Jace will have a connection. I sure hope so!

Our Water Table

We got a water table for our birthday and just love it! They played in it for over an hour. We did not put them in swim diapers, so they were getting soaked and eventually had to take their clothes and diapers off. They did not like it though, assuming it was a bit too cold for them! They were trying to get each other wet and mommy and daddy at times! I think even Grandpa got wet.

Birthday Party #2

We had a great birthday party. The girls of course loved their cakes. We even went swimming for a little while! They also had fun opening their gifts. They got a baby doll that goes potty. They love it because it moves and talks, but I have not tried the potty part with them yet. They have actual diapers you have to change and discard, just like regular diapers. And you have to keep buying them. I already have to change four babies a day, I don't really feel like changing three more! Thanks grandma! But we will give it a try soon! Maybe I will just leave them at Grandma's house!!!

Pictures to come...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pee Pee In The Potty - First Attempt

Notice Makenna sitting backwards, she finally caught on about 10 min. later!
Jaeli trying to sit down!

Well I was not going to start until after thier birthday party this weekend and when we have time to be home for a few days and go no where! Well we were watching our potty video and Makenna acted like she wanted to go potty by looking at the movie and then tugging on her diaper. So I asked her and she said yes. So I went and pulled out the potties.

Well...they just sat on them, played with them, took them apart, fought over who got which one, etc.! No one actually went potty!

So I let them run around without their diaper for a couple hours, just waiting, but nothing. So we put pull ups on and tried again every so often.

Then right before bed, Maysie had went pee pee on the floor, thankfully not the carpet! I explained to her that she should go in the potty and not on the floor, stayed positive about it.

So for the next few days I am just going to do what I did today, let them watch the video once a day and then a couple hours each day give it a try!

Then when we have the time in a week or two, we are going to go cold turkey, no diapers all day long (except naptime and bedtime). I am sure I will have lots of wet panties and a few poopy messes to clean up, but if we are lucky, it will only take a few days to catch on.

I have a jar of m&m's ready! 1 for pee pee and 2 for poo poo! I don't think they get the concept yet that they have to pull their pants down to go pee pee in the potty. But I am sure it will take some time for them to understand.

If after a few days they still don't get it, then we are going to wait another month and try again. And then repeat every month or so until they get it!

Wish us luck! I will post the picture of our first attempt later!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Frist (of Two) Birthday Parties!

JJ and her cupcake, not sure if she is aloud to eat it!
MJ tasting it first!
All of us sitting down to eat our cupcakes. Makenna dug into hers before we even finished Happy Birthday. No candles was too windy!
Taking a boat trip with!
Jace relaxing in the pool with Aunt Tammy!
JJ having fun with Uncle Mike!

Makenna and Maysie having fun in the water!
Makenna eating her cupcake!
This is what they looked like after their nap. It was a rough couple days!

We had a good time. Everyone was great, helping us with all the kids. We had it at Josh's aunts house. They have a pool, so it was a great day to go swimming! The kids did pretty well. They were a little fussy from the night before. Presents went pretty well, except for Makenna having a melt down cause she wanted more cup cakes! They loved their cupcakes! Took JJ and MJ awhile to figure out they could eat it. But MK dug right in! Overall I know they had fun! And went right to bed when we got home!

Water Park

Makenna having a blast! She was all by herself, loving it. She was not liking it so much anymore when other kids came. She just kept watching them!
Mak loving her pudding!
Jaeli sitting with grandpa instead of running through the water! Think it was too cold for her!
Jaeli also loving her pudding!
Jace just chilling with grandpa!

Maysie was with my parents for the weekend so we took the other three to the water park. We knew Makenna would love it, she had been there once before. Jace we figured would just stay in his stroller and chill with Grandpa. I think he only fussed once or twice! As for Jaeli, she did not like it at all, stayed with grandpa the whole time! We then took them to Pizza Hut after wards. They did pretty well except for Makenna's melt down right at the end when we took her food away to clean her up so we could leave!

The Forth Of July

Makenna throwing a ball - this is where she started and ended up getting out of it. She was too big for it!
About an hour later she was swimming all by herself with just wings and a tube!
Same for Maysie, she eventually wanted out when she say Makenna get out!
Maysie swimming all by herself!!!
Jaeli just relaxing in her tube!
Jaeli thinking about going down the water slide!
Jace chilling on the deck! He is not much of a swimmer yet!
All of us in our floats that we only used once!

We spent the 4th with Josh's family. We had a good time.

The girls went swimming a lot! They loved it! Makenna and Maysie are our fish! Jaeli was just chilling and relaxing! I was so surprised how well they were doing, well that is when they were not having a melt down. But it kept them happy for the most part. They did not get to see any fireworks, it was just too late for them and they were already up too late, so they had to go to bed. Jace loved them though! He was wide awake through it all!

We decided to try and stay the night there and see how it would go. Josh's mom emptied out her room pretty much and moved the bed against the closet so they could not get in it. Then we set up three playards for naptime and bedtime. HA! Yeah right, what was I thinking??? There was nothing in that room but the play pins and the bed. It took them an hour to fall asleep because they decided to get out of the play pins and try to climb onto the very tall and big bed. Josh's mom though there was no way they could get on it cause she even had trouble getting on it. Well....they found their way! So of course they refused to go back into their playards. So once they finally fell asleep, I went in and put them in their playards and they slept for almost an hour. Boy were they grumpy the rest of the night.

As for bedtime...well that did not go too well either. It also took them an hour to fall asleep and I had to wait until they fell asleep on the big bed once again and then put them into bed. They did not fall asleep until 9:30, bedtime is normally 7pm. I thought if we put them down at 830, they should be tired...nope, stayed up for an hour. It was crazy. I had to put things in front of the door to keep it shut so they would not escape during the middle of the night. But they did sleep through all the fireworks!

And then Jace decided he wanted to be wide awake at 3 in the morning, which is very unusual, think there was too much noise and people going in and out. Josh's mom took him and put him to sleep so I could go back to sleep since I had no clue when the three tornado's would be up! I still only got about 3 hours of sleep that night.

Bright and Early! 630 in the morning, an hour earlier than usual I had 4 babies awake, plus my niece and nephew. It was just me and Josh's mom with all 6 kids half awake. We took them outside to play so they would not wake the others. That was not fun, it got hot fast! They were very tired and cranky and all three of the girls just wanted me, it was driving me nuts!

I decided to get daddy up and take them home around 930, they were just too tired and we had their birthday party later that day. So we get home and give them all a much needed bath. Then we feed um lunch and go play for awhile. They were so tired Maysie fell asleep on me. We put them to bed about an hour earlier than normal and they all fell right to sleep and slept 3 hours! I was hoping it would help with the fussiness at the party later that day. Mom, Dad and Jace all took a nap too before the party!

But it was all worth the few days of cranky babies! Don't plan on doing it again anytime soon though! We like to be home were we are all comfortable!

Friday, July 2, 2010


We celebrated our birthday as soon as we got up! We had no plans or parties on their actual birthday, so wanted to do something! And daddy even got up for it!

The Johnson Triplets First Year

The Johnson Triplets Second Year

Well its been 2 years! Above I have the link to the videos from the first and second year. The first will always be the best. But thought I would do one for the second year too! I wish I had put more thought into it, after I had a CD printed I thought of many other ways to do it to make it neat, but I guess I will just save it for their 3 year video!

What has happened this last year...

-We made a big move to Grandma J and Grandpa R's house.
-We got a new baby girl cousin.
-We got a new baby brother.
-We bought a new house and spent lots of time with Grandma B and Grandpa K so mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa could work on it.
-We made another big move into our new home!
-We were in our aunts wedding!

It's been a busy year! It has been rough also. We have all been biting, hitting, pulling hair, kicking, biting ourselves, throwing tantrums! We have also been experimenting by trying new things like opening all the doors and exploring mommy and daddy's room and bathrooms! But we have also had many good moment, more than the bad. We have learned to hug and kiss and say I love you. We are also learning new words every day. We have learned to swim and eat with silver ware! They are just learning so much every day, they really have become big girls!

Our next step is eating at the table with mommy and daddy. We are also going to start potty training! Learning time is going to become something I want to make sure is done every day. Preschool is way to expensive, so it is all going to be put on mommy and grandma to get them where they need to be developmentally!

She has not changed much. But she is losing her role as the bully! She can be very sweet, loves to give hugs and kisses. I would say her two favorite people are mommy and grandpa Jack. She is very shy when she is around new people, it takes her awhile to warm up! But if she likes you, she is your new best friend! She loves her aunt Jarilyn and her cousin Callie! She still steals quite often, thinks she is the queen of the toys! She is by far the biggest and tallest! She loves her brother, always gives him hugs!

She has become the bully. She can be the sweetest thing in the world and then the next second she is the biggest...well lets just say she can be very mean! She scratches and bites and pushes and whatever else she can do to get what she wants or just cause she feels like doing it. She is still very independent and LOVES her grandma B! I think she would probably choose daddy over me if Grandma is not around! She has her tantrums too! She will scream and scream at the top of her lungs and it will go on forever! But when she is sweet, you just got to love it!

She is still the funny one, loves to make you laugh. She is still a mommy's girls! She loves to be held and cuddled. She likes to throw fits a lot when she does not get her way. It does get annoying though when every time I try to do something, she is right there wanting to be held. It nice to feel very needed/wanted! But she is my smiley girl, my silly girl! She always makes me laugh every day no matter how bad of a day we are having. She loves to do whatever Makenna is doing as well. Once Makenna does something, she is right there behind her doing it too!

Things we are going to work on this next year...

Potty Training
Getting rid of Paci's
Better talking
The behavior, bitting, hitting, scratching, etc. (Time Outs)
Throwing food on the floor, once we do it, we are done!
Eating whatever mommy makes!
Later bedtime