Monday, July 23, 2012

Falling Behind!

Been very busy lately, summer trips, family stuff, doctor appointments and all kinds of other stuff. Hoping to get some more pics updated soon, but until then, here are a couple pictures.

Oh, and will be going back to Riley Wednesday for Makenna to see a Metabolic Geneticist, so hopefully he can help her. I will update when I can.

This weekend we are going to the lake with the family, so should have some fun pictures to show from there next week sometime!

 Jace obsessing over a mop... AGAIN!
Girls playing in the sandbox at Grandma J's!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

 Jaeli with her sparkler!
 Makenna with her sparkler
 Jace with his sparkler!
 Maysie with her sparkler!
So its the fourth of July, first I want to say thanks to all the men and women who fight for our county now, in the future and in the past. We wouldn't have the freedom we do if it wasn't for them.

There is a burn ban right now... really mother nature? Bring on the rain please! We had to do a few fireworks though, the kids could actually do it this year! Last year they were on a very strict schedule, not so much anymore. So I got some sparklers and poppers. And to be safe, we did it in the parking lot outside Grandma J's house. They LOVED them! Too bad they couldn't stay up to watch the fireworks though... they were way too tired and have to get up early in the morning... maybe next year. Grandma had a couple fun ones for them to watch.

Happy 4th!

Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo

 Taking the strollers... very very hot day, so needed the shade!
 Up close and personal!
 Mr. Lion was taking a nap... up close and personal too!
Petting the goats!

Grandma, Aunt Mandy, Uncle Joe, and Cousin Josie went with us to the zoo a couple weekends ago. They had a good time and really enjoyed it but it was a bit much for mommy and grandma! I am not so sure we will be going back there. This zoo is huge by the way... we made it through one area and to the farm and that took over 2 hours. We missed three other parts... maybe another day... we will see. 

Bounce House Mania!

 Makenna was the first to go down!
 Once Jaeli realized it was fun, she had a blast!
 Maysie was not so sure at first, but ended up loving it!
 And then there is Jace... he LOVES anything daring!
 Jumping around!
 Having a good time!
 It may be blurry, but the face is great!
 Same with this one, gotta love the face!
 All four going up!
 Maysie going back for more!
And down she comes!

The kids had a blast at Lutheran Health Networks Ice Arena, part of their birthday party. I think all the guests enjoyed it too!

Triplets 4th Birthday Party

 Our guests!
 Miss Makenna enjoying her cake and pizza that she should not have eaten... we payed for it later with a rash and attitude. But it was her birthday... she deserved it.
 Jaeli LOVING her pizza!
 Maysie excited as ever!
 Mr. Jace chilling with the boys!
Girls opening their presents.

This was 1 of 4 birthday parties the girls had. I think next year we are going to just have it at our house or somewhere in the middle of both family locations and be done... way too much time and effort to have 4 different parties.

But the girls had a blast at the bounce house princess party! Thank you to all our guests and for making it a great day for the triplets!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Riley Hospital

 Waiting for the doctor!
So we are home from a LONG weekend! Riley went well. Doctor listened and seemed interested in figuring this out. He said we had him scratching his head. He does not know a lot about Fructose Malabsorption, but is going to consult with a doctor friend (and a few others) who does know more to see what test we should do next and should be able to have them done in Fort Wayne and results sent back to him. He wants her to take 1 cap full of Miralax a day, he thinks the mood swings and rage are from being so constipated since she does not poop but every 3 or 4 days, sometimes longer. And then he thinks the rash could be something specific, can't remember the name but possibly send us to a dermatologist for it. We had about 10 vials of blood taken on her to test certain things... then wants to repeat all of them when she is in an "episode" to compare. Also to check her sugar during them and compare to when she doesn't have them. May put her on zinc pills depending on what the labs come back. So after the results come in, we could do a variety of tests to start ruling out Crohns, Celiac, IBS, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, other food intolerances or malabsorptions until we find the cause... he agrees that there is most likely something causing her reaction to fructose. So overall, hopefully we can get somewhere and figure out how to live with this, possibly get rid of it or control it and stop the rage and rash... not fair to her or the others for it to happen so if we can stop it in any way... then we need to do all we can to make sure it happens.

We stayed at Josh's aunts house on Saturday (in Indianapolis), with all four for the girls birthday party with his family. That was nightmare... just the trying to get four kids to sleep and stay asleep. The rest was a good time. Thanks to Aunt Tracy for letting us use her house and awesome pool! And since we were already there and I had to be back with Makenna on Monday, she and I just stayed and crashed with Aunt Jarilyn. Josh took the other three back home in the van Sunday afternoon, along with Grandma J and both Grandpa's and left the car with us. Saved me a trip to Indy... car was already there so made sense. Makenna had WAY TOO MUCH fun with Aunt Jarilyn and she got spoiled rotten. Wish I could do that with all of them.. minus Riley Hospital of course. Sucks only she gets to have that one on one time. But we went to Dave and Busters and Mak had a BLAST playing the games and collecting tickets and then of course, picking out prizes! She slept great that night, so it was nice to get a full nights sleep considering I only got 2 hours the night before at aunt Tracys, chasing 4 kids around all night on and off from 11 p.m. until 5 a.m. when they got up for the day.