Friday, September 30, 2011

Picture Attempt!

 Jace, I was only able to get this shot, he would not sit still!
 Jaeli happy girl!
 Mak was being silly...not such a good pic with the rash, but she still looks adorable!
Miss Maysie, cute as ever!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Bluffton Street Fair!

 This was the night before, they were excited they were going to a fair the next day, even though they had no idea what a Fair was! Josh found the green mask Jace is wearing and when I took Mak to the store the other day, I saw the other three, so had to get them! They pretend they are monsters!
 I decided to take my sisters daughter with us to the fair too. I knew she would have fun and we had room... not much room, but we managed. It was VERY hard getting the kids in and out. We usually don't have one of the first row seats in so we can get them in the back easier. I think we will stick with the 4 we have, 5 would be too many!
 Well we had to take the triple stroller and then a double stroller for Jace and Josie. The girls are getting way to big for the stroller. I think this was the last time for it. We asked if they wanted to walk, but they said no, they wanted to go in the stroller. Poor Maysie is the smallest, so she got stuck in the very tiny seat. But it worked and as you can see, they were VERY excited! Jace and Josie were in their stroller a lot, just because they were not big enough for the rides, so they had to watch. They were not too happy, but we found some things they could do and got to come out. Last year we took two double strollers and did not get much attention at all. This year we got the same attention we got the year before.
 Getting ready to go down the BIG slide! They had lots of fun going down it. I forgot to tell Grandma J where the camera was so she did not get a pic of them going down it.
 Jace and Josie were NOT happy they did not get to go too, so Josh and I went down a second time and took them with us. I think Josie enjoyed it the most!
 Josie LOVED going down the slide. I stood her to the side of me so I could get up and she started taking off for the stairs! She was ready to go again.
 Oh the Strawberry ride... we went on this one last year too and they did not like it very much. Well this year we decided to give it a try again. Aunt Jarilyn went on it with them last year, but I decided to go this year...bad mistake. I do not do well with spin rides... and I knew this, but still did it. I so thought I was going to pass out and puke. It was bad, just glad we waited to eat until after rides! As for the girls...well Maysie LOVED it, Jaeli was freaked out the entire time holding onto me VERY tight. And Mak was all excited at first. And then the ride started to go and Josh told them to spin the wheel so we would spin faster. So she did, but she never let go of the wheel, so just spun with it and got caught under the wheel. Thankfully Josh grabbed her and pulled her back up right away... so no harm except it scared her a bit. Made Jaeli even more scared! But I think Mak still had fun on it!
 Next was Grandma J's favorite ride, the school bus! I decided NOT to go on anymore rides and Jaeli felt the same! So it was just Grandma, Maysie and Mak. Once Mak realized I was not on it, she freaked out and had to get off, thankfully before it started. Grandma J and Maysie had a good time on it though!
 The BIG swing. They did not have this one last year. I was sure Jaeli would be excited about it, but still did not want to go. Maysie and Mak did. I am not sure if Mak enjoyed it, but Maysie seemed to.
 The Mouse Game! Josie was able to get out and play this game with Grandma J, I think she enjoyed herself! We played until we won 5 times. There were 4 of us playing, each with a kid. Took awhile, but got it done. Jace stayed in the stroller and ate fruit snacks!
 The girls got a Abbey doll from Sesame Street and Josh said to get Jace this BIG fish... but Josie tossed the abbey doll and Jace tossed the fish. So they switched and Jace got the doll and Josie liked the fish! Only my son!
 Maysie and Aunt Jarilyn played together, I think they won a couple times.
 Jaeli had fun with Daddy, I think she put it on the same number every time. They may have won once or twice.
 And then Mak and I played. I don't think we won at all! She switched it up a few times, but the mouse never went in our numbers.
 Finally at the end, we got Jaeli to ride the train. It just went around in circles, she smiled through it all! I think they all enjoyed it.
We had one last stop before going home, the Water Gun Race! It was just us for the first 2 times, so one of us was bound to win. Not sure who won the first two, not me and Jace. I helped Jace, Josh helped Jaeli who got scared of the noise and stopped after the first or second time. And then Janna had Makenna I think and Jarilyn had Maysie...maybe. I think Janna and Jarilyn won 3 of the 4 we got. I finally won the last one. The last two times other people were playing, but we were able to beat them! So we left with 4 elephants. Josie chilled in the stroller for this one. She had this HUGE ball that some girl gave her when she yelled "Ball, Ball" and held her hands out to it. So she gave it to her. We got tired of chasing it and carrying it, so dropped it off when we ate dinner and forgot about it. Maybe we will go get it next time we go over to the club. But anyways, didn't get her an elephant because she had the ball. But I don't think she minded!
 Jace tried to help me, but we kept losing, so the last one I took over! He was happy to get out of the stroller. And of course, DID NOT want to go back in, so we carried him the rest of the way back.
 Maysie seemed to enjoy herself.
 Jaeli was looking at all the lights, you can tell she was nervous...just did not like the sound it made when someone won. It was pretty loud!
We had to bring a chair up for Josie in the morning to eat breakfast with us. I put her in Jace's room for the night and they did really well together. Naptime was not so great, they just laughed and giggled with each other tossing toys back and forth. But at least they slept through the night. As for the triplets, well that was a different story. Maysie woke up around midnight cause she had to puke. So then of course the other two had to get up too. Once Maysie felt better, took them back to bed. Maysie had to lay on the floor with me. Jaeli went right back to bed and Mak was trying to find reasons to stay awake. Drove me nuts, I just wanted to go to bed! I knew I had 5 kids to get up with, so I wanted my sleep. About an hour after I layed with them and Mak was fussing cause her knee hurt for whatever reason, Jaeli wakes up and says "YOU WAKE ME UP", it was cute, then she went back to sleep and never heard another word from her. It was funny. Finally two hours after I layed with them Mak and Maysie feel asleep. However, after I went to MY bed, either Mak or Maysie woke up wanting something, about 4 times. It was a rough night. Thankfully I have an awesome husband and he let me take a nap after he woke up. He even fed all 5 of them lunch so I could sleep.

Overall, we all had a good time and look forward to next year, hoping Jace can ride too. Better start saving now!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mak having fun outside!

(Once again, sorry buddy boy... you were asleep. Next time!)

Jaeli having fun outside!

Maysie having fun outside!

Taking a ride with Daddy!

Jaeli going for a ride, she LOVED it! Josh said she screamed once, scared him, but she was screaming for fun!!

Mak had a blast, she was the first to say "One more time Mommy!"

 Maysie had a good time too, a smile on her face the entire time!

Sorry Jace, he was sleeping. Next time buddy!

New Table Arrangement!

We got rid of the girls booster seats, gave one to Jace and got rid of his high chair. They do pretty well! Keeping the old ones for a week or two just to make sure it works out. We tried it once before and it did not work so well!

Makenna so proud of herself!


I like how she gets mad cause she can't do it at first and says "Come On!" And then Jae joins in and gets mad at the wall cause she can't do it! Too cute!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Triplets 3 Year Well Baby Check Up!


The girls had their 3 year well baby check up today, a month over-due though. All week have been playing doctor with their doctor set they got for their birthday. They loved having me play the doctor and then they would play the doctor on me as well as on their baby. I told them the doctor was going to listen to their heart, look at their eyes, ears and nose. And she would want to look at their mouth to make sure they have no ouchies in there so they would have to open wide and say “AH”! So we practiced and practiced hoping it would help…at least a little! Then we went over SHOTS! They pretended to do those as well and pretended to cry. Makenna told me she was going to kick the doctor if she tried to give her one. They all three told me they were not going to cry too. 

They were very excited to go and I met them and daddy in the waiting room on my lunch break, as well as Grandma who watched Jace while we went in. Once we got in the room they had to get weighed and see how tall they were. It took some talking, but eventually got them to do it. Then we waited for over 30 minutes for the doctor to come in. They were backed up big time! Three three year olds stuck in a room with nothing to do for over 30 minutes can cause some trouble! They did pretty well though… read some books, played on the table and even played with my phone and went potty once. The doctor finally came in and tried talking to them but they would not say one word to her. They just got done screaming and shouting at each other when it was just them and us in there, having fun reading. They are way too shy around new people. Soon after she came in, Makenna got a look of fear on her face and the tears started coming and she told Josh she had to pee. We thought she was faking because she just went, but felt so bad for her – cause those tears don’t come out often and we knew she was very scared of what was to come, assuming afraid of the shots. So he took her and said she went! She seemed to be okay when she got back in. The doc did her thing and they all just sat there. They refused to open their mouths but after a couple stickers, Maysie did the “AH” for her. No luck with the other two, but we did get them to open their mouths just a tad. When she did the knee thing, she had to do it a few times on Mak cause she tensed her leg up on purpose so it wouldn’t do it, pretty funny! She watched them walk as well and said Jaeli feet go in a bit, but probably out grow it. Asked if it was hereditary and she said yes, can be. I had it and had to wear special soles. But I guess they don’t do that anymore unless they have pain when walking. She never really said what they do for it. Lets just hope she outgrows it. And Maysie is 100 percent healthy, no more ultrasounds, the hole finally closed! Makenna has a rash on her mouth as well as her butt that she has had since birth. Should have went away once she started wearing underpants all day, but just got worse. So doc said now that she does not wear a diaper as much, antibiotics should be able to clear it up. Before it would have been pointless cause it would have just kept coming back. Other than that they did pretty well. Then the shots came… oh poor Maysie! I was holding Jaeli so she went first. They had the 2nd hep shot and flu shot in their leg. The first one she did not cry, I kept saying don’t cry, don’t cry. And she didn’t until right after the second shot went in. Poor Jae. Then I grabbed Mak and she was so mad I did not grab Maysie first! Maysie sat right beside me while the other two got their shots. Can’t imagine how she felt watching it twice knowing her time was coming! Mak fought and fought, but I am stronger!! Maysie was scared and curled up on me and of course she cried as well. So they all three cried and said they don’t want any more shots!! Hopefully it will be 12 months before we have to go back…yeah right!


Makenna – 36lbs (90%) 37 5/8 height (75%) – 2yr: 29lbs3oz/34.5in.

Jaeli – 31lbs (50%) 35 7/8 height (25%) – 2yr: 25lbs2oz/31.75in.

Maysie – 28.5lbs (25%) 35 5/8 height (25%) – 2yr: 23lbs6oz/31.75in.

They don’t change much each year, those are the percents they have been at for the majority of the time over the last 3 years. Although I don’t think Mak and Maysie have ever been 7 lbs apart. Maysie is just too tiny. I can’t believe how much they have grown in a year. Where did my babies go??

More Videos - Singing Songs!

A B C 's
Wheels on the bus!
Itsy Bitsy Spider

Thursday, September 8, 2011


  Jace loves to sit on the animals.
 Little monkey
 Yep, their dresser has been emptied and all their clothes are now hanging in a locked closet or in the living room. Good thing the dresser is bolted to the wall. But then again, they seem to be able to break the bolts Josh bolted their beds together with...
 Lets just move the beds all over the place and see what we can get into.
 They sure do love to climb onto EVERYTHING!
 And sit on top of EVERYTHING!
 Jace escaped his pack n play at Grandma B's during nap. Sorry Grandma J, I had to take the crib tent back for my house! Hope there is nothing in your room he can destroy, cause he WILL climb out!
 Grandma B broke down and bought a crib tent for Jace, wish so so so so so much I bought them for the girls cribs, maybe we would still be taking naps. Do I need to get one for your house Grandma J?
 There they go again, climbing everything!
 So guilty!
 Let Jace climb on top of you to see if he can open the door so we don't get in trouble. Thanks Daddy for teaching them that one!
 Lets make a fort out of the futon, just so we have something else we can climb on and under!
 Yep, there are those screws again from their beds. They will be falling apart any day now. Some night soon I will hear a loud thump b/c one of the beds collapses because all the screws are missing. They have been tie strapped together three times, but they always break them some how some way, they have been screwed together, then bolted together, but it never fails, they always out smart us.
 And then there is Jace, he has three big sisters to learn from. They were 19 months when they climbed out as well. But there were three of them, monkey see monkey do. Who the heck did he watch climb out of their crib?? Oh wait, that is just Jace, he is just as smart as those three put together.
And there he goes. Took me 5 times last night putting him back in until he finally gave in and fell back to sleep. Yep, I went and took the crib tent from Grandma J's so we could contain him in a cage. Thanks to Daddy, tonight I did not have to put him back in at all! He was NOT very happy about it, but he eventually fell asleep. Sorry buddy, but I am so NOT ready for you to be in your big boy bed. You will just have to look at it a little longer. Maybe another year or two if I can help it!