Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Gymnastics

Well the girls had their 3rd class tonight. It went pretty well. Jaeli and Makenna love it. Maysie is slowly warming up. For some reason she is scared of the trampoline. So she refuses to do that, but we have got her to do the rest. Maybe we will get here there before we stop for the year. I think I will keep them in it 2 more months. Gets them out of the house and something to look forward to... and they get to spend some time with their cousin Josie. Thanks aunt Kris for watching Mr. Trouble!

Mr. Jace

Jace... Just a month ago Jace turned 3. Since he was 12 months old he has been TROUBLE. I thought at age 2 it would get better. Nope! So I crossed my fingers age 3 would get better... well so far, not so much. Maybe 4... I can always hope.

He is a handful, for ALL who watch him. I can't explain it but he is my miracle baby and I have a special connection with him. It's not more special than what I have with the girls... just different. Maybe it is because he is my last child or maybe because he is my only son. I love him so very much and maybe that is why I have let him get away with so much when I shouldn't have. I try to discipline him but it does not work well. I need to get more strict because he is getting to be uncontrollable with others who watch him. I think it's a boy thing, an age thing. But maybe not.

He is just a big baby and loves drama just as much as his sisters. I don't remember them being this bad, but maybe I just blocked it out!

This picture was taken after I got out of the shower the other day. Josh was home, so he watched the kids while I took a shower, hoping for a peaceful one since I don't get those very often. Well he discovered where I was and sat at the door, kicking it, yelling "Mommy, let me in!" Eventually it stopped, so I assumed he just went off to play and gave up. Nope, he fell asleep. Poor guy needs his daily nap or he is even worse.

As you will see in the next post and one or two previous ones, I have put the girls into Gymnastics. Jace was suppose to be with them, but after the first day... I decided it was best to leave him with my sister. It was just too much. He wanted nothing to do with the instructor and would not listen to me while we were there. He got away from my while putting on the girls coats at the end and hid under a trampoline where I could not get to him. I was embarrassed... very embarrassed. It's sad cause he loves his somersaults and is better than the girls at it. Maybe next year or after a year of Preschool when he settles down a bit.

Love you Jace! No matter how big or how bad you are, you will always be my baby boy and I will always love you!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time for Haircuts!

 Maysie went first and enjoed her candy ring she got at school!
 JJ next and enjoyed her candy ring as well!
Mak was last and I let her have a candy ring, but only because all the sweetarts she had just eaten should counteract her reaction to the corn syrup in it. Fingers crossed!

Thanks Grandma J! You saved us $$$

Valentine's Day!

 The kids gift for Valentine's Day.
 Ready for school! I got to go to their party, it was neat to watch them in school. Learned just how shy Maysie is. We need to open her up some!
 Maysie Show and Tell
JJ Show and Tell
 Mak Show and Tell
 Getting ready to play a game!
 Mak's turn!
 JJ turn. Maysie refused, Ms. Deb had to walk with her.
 Maysie's glasses grandma b got her for vday!
And since I was home, they wanted their "fun" games. JJ was so attached she even took it potty!

I had a great day with them! Even spent some time with Mr. Jace in the morning and had a blast. Took the girls out to lunch and then went to Grandma J's for haircuts. And they were in a good mood all day.

More Gymnastics

 Miss Makenna LOVES Gymnastics!
 Waiting for their turn.
 Learning what to do!
JJ LOVES Gymnastics too!

Maysie not so much, hoping she goes back tomorrow. She is just so shy, she does not like people watching her. Need to break her of it... hopefully she goes and this will help.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Watching Miss Dara


A few days ago, we watched Little Miss Dara. She is finally at that age where she smiles and baby talks.  The kids just love her. They do pretty good around her, gentle for the most part. I think Maysie and Jace were very jealous of her though. I sensed it from them all actually. But those two were the worst. They better get used to it! She is fulfilling my baby needs!

Makenna's Sugar Test

 Got to Indy early, so went to Aunt Jarilyn's for a bit!
 Mak looks so tired, but she did great! Jace having fun!
 These are the sugar drinks... she sucked them right down!

We took Makenna to Riley on Monday. Doctor contacted Baylor University in TX and they suggested she take their Sucrose/Starch Breath Test. It is a study they are doing on kids with GI issues who have belly aches. The test was no cost to us, I am sure the visit to Riley will be though. But cheaper than going to Texas! She did great, no reactions during the test and waited patiently on an empty stomach. Three days later we are starting to see some reaction though. One new reaction is wetting herself. Makenna does not like to pee her pants, so I know this is uncontrollable. She will go potty and then seconds after she is done will wet herself, usually just a little. She said she did not know she wasn’t done. It’s weird. But many of the other moms dealing with similar issues with sugar said their kids do the same thing during a bad reaction. This has only happened one other time and that was during a really bad episode about 6 months ago. Since we got home Monday, it has happened three times. Her rage started last night and not sure about the rash. She has had it constantly for awhile now. So we will see how she does in the next few days. I was afraid she would react. I really didn’t think she would. I thought both drinks she had to take were “good” sugars, but maybe I was wrong and that is why we still have to deal with her episodes. Maybe it is the answer we have been looking for. Hopefully we get the results back in a couple weeks. Depending on the results, she may or may not be entered into an enzyme trial that might help her symptoms when eating foods she normally can’t eat.

We took Jace with us too and left the twins with my mom and Josh’s mom since they had school. He was a handful as usual. But I think he enjoyed being away and doing something new. Mak enjoyed having him too. We were even able to make a short visit to Aunt Jarilyn’s before the appointment!

Jace 3 year check up

 He does this... gets stuck and then cries for me to come help him down. He can get down just fine, but stays there and cries his little eyes out just cause he wants ME to do it for him. Attention!
 Playing in the waiting room... all by himself!
Waiting for Doc

Jace had his three year check up yesterday. He was so nervous, afraid he was going to get shots. I was so sure he would too, but when I told the nurse he was nervous about the shots, she said he was not getting any. I swear the girls had them at age 3, but maybe that was just the flu shot. Overall he did really well and enjoyed his time with Mommy and Grandma B.

I asked the doctor about his lip, how his gums continue down to his teeth, causing a gap in between his two front teeth. Aunt Jarilyn had this when she was a baby too and had it cut at a young age. Well Doc said that some say do it now, some say wait. Since we are seeing a Dentist in May, she said to ask him and see what he thinks. If we are not happy with his response, then she can refer us to an Orthopedic Surgeon to discuss it. Her understanding is that it is better to wait. The best time to cut it is when he loses his two front teeth. Since adult teeth are much bigger, we need more room. And since he has that gap there now, his teeth should grow in more straight. Some say it actually reduces the need for braces. So we will see what the Dentist thinks.

I also asked her about bathing the girls with Jace. When should we stop? She said so long as he is not uncomfortable, then it should be okay, if it’s just “playful”. Once he gets uncomfortable or the girls turn about 6 or 7, then we should consider stopping.

Height 36.5” (2 year: 33.5”)

Weight 32 lbs (2 year: 27 lbs)

Time is going way too fast, I miss my baby boy. I miss having a baby. They need to slow down. I need to take more time and enjoy them more.

Bubble Baths

For the last few months, the kids have all been taking baths/showers together. Well they are getting to big and not enough room for all four of them. So now, when I give baths, I do bubble baths and do two at a time. They usually rotate who goes with who. We have a fight occasionally but does not last long. They LOVE their bubble baths and are always asking to take one. It can get a little tough when I am home by myself, which is the usual during the week. But I just keep going back and forth between bathroom and play room to make sure no one is getting water all over the place or getting into trouble out in the play room. Occasionally the other two will stay in the bathroom and do whatever it is they feel like doing that they can get away with. It works for now!

Good or Bad

We have had this board for awhile now. It works pretty well for the most part. If we were strict about it, it would probably work a lot better. The girls have taken to it well, Jace not so much. Even Grandma’s use it when the kids are being bad. They threaten to tell me and have me take a circle away. Every time they do something good, they get a circle, every time they do something bad, they get one taken away. Once they get 12, they get a package of smarties. I usually start them off at 6 each day. It is almost time for something new though. Maybe marbles in a jar and a when it gets full, they get one on one time with Mommy??