Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Anonymous Comment:

If you posted this comment, please let me know who you are. I just want to make sure I don't have a follower stealing my pictures! Until I know for sure it was a friend or family member, I will be putting our name on all the pictures just in case. I have had friends that have had their pictures stolen from their blogs and this is what they do now.
Anonymous said...

Could you maybe get pictures of them opening their Santa presents that they got...... Or maybe if you had any pictures of any Christmas parties you went to.....


All of Josh's Mom's Grandkids!
The kids made these for Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas.




Loved this pic of Makenna, she was standing in front of Santa as he passed out presents, just waiting for him to give her one!



Thanksgiving Dinner (which was at our house this year)!
Carrying the cat in the laundry basket!
Feeding Jace
Being Creative
Hiding from Grandma
I see you!
Aww, love my sister!

Jace Hair cut!

Jace got a new haricut a week or so ago. It was starting to get long and I knew there was not way he was going to let me cut it. So my dad suggested we use his flowbie (spelling??). So I said sure, lets give it a try. It took less than 5 miutes, no mess and he did not cry once! He actually seemed to enjoy it. What happens is you hook the trimmers up to the vacuum with a guard and it cuts it all the same length. Worked great! So now... we will be cutting his hair this way from now on! Thanks Grandpa!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SICK x 4

The last few weeks we have all been sick on and off. I made an apt. to get Mak and Maysie into the doctor today, but then saw signs of Ear Infections from Jaeli and Jace, so made one for them too. First time all four went to the doctor together and all were seen by the doctor. Finally found another doctor besides "their" doctor that we like and actually seems to care. I thought I was being over-protective, but I wasn't, so glad I took them all.

Makenna: She had an ear infection 2 weeks ago. She was happy as could be for 2 days after the meds were done. But then started acting up again and acting in pain. So I figured they came back or she was just "milking" the sympathy. She did get a fever on Sunday, so that pretty much told me she did have something wrong. So I was right, she has an Ear Infection, just one ear this time. The other one looked just fine. So doc put her on a different medicine this time.

Jaeli: Well something is going on with her, but just not sure what yet. I have been starting to track what happens every day for her. She has had a fever on and off for over a month now. The last three days are the first three days in a month that she has gone without a fever. It is usually low grade, sometimes up to 103.5. She is extremely moody and needy. Sometimes seems in pain and very irritable. Some days she just sits on me and does nothing, will play with a toy occasionally if I hold her. And yesterday she cried when I washed her ear, the painful cry. So I decided to take her too just to be sure. Good thing I did! Single Ear Infection and Sore Throat. First illness since born.

Maysie: A couple weeks ago she woke up and seemed fine, but then a few minutes later climbed up onto the recliner and I could not get her to open her eyes. So took her to the Emergency Room and four hours later, they told me she had Urinary Tract Infection. As soon as she started meds, she seemed just fine. Back to her silly self! Well took her to the doctor today with the others to have a repeat urine culture to see if the meds took care of it. She HATED that cause I asked them to catheterize her instead of bagging her! The bag just took way too long! We should fine out results soon! The doctor told me about the culture from the first one they had, it was not good. She had too many white blood cells and some kind of organism that is not usually found in a 2 year old. He thinks there could be a problem with her Kidneys or the way her Kidney's formed, so on Monday he is having a bunch of tests run on her. And then we will go from there. Possible IV or long-term meds to keep her from getting more UTI's. The IV is the only way to rid her of the organism. Hopefully she is fine, and hopefully that is not what Jaeli's problem has been too. Could that be an identical twin thing??

Jace: Poor little guy has been miserable for a few days. On Saturday night, he did not sleep most of the night. I had to hold him through his nap, brought back memories of him as an itty bitty baby! He slept better Sunday and Monday night, but so stuffy and drowsy. He had a fever yesterday as well. And again, just like Jaeli, when I cleaned his ears last night, it seemed to hurt him. So I just took him too just to be sure. And once again, motherly instinct was right. Double Ear Infection for him.

So all four of my babies are sick.

Hopefully we all have speedy recoveries!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jace 1st Birthday (EARLY!)

So when the girls were 11 months old, I took a picture of them eating a birthday cake (link below). So I thought it was only fair to do it for Jace too! The girls did great just sitting there watching him do it. I could tell it was KILLING Makenna that she was not aloud to dig in with him! It was so funny! Jace did great, didn't even make a mess. He was so easy to clean up. And he sat there for a few minutes while the girls watched. Then of course I gave them some after I was done with pictures.
Just getting started!
My favorite of the pictures!
A mouth funny!
Cutest smile ever!
Jace enjoying some more cake!
Jaeli did not want any cake, she is getting her molars in, so she has been in a lot of pain lately. At least I think that is why.
Girls eating cake...Maysie does not look happy in the picture, but she did enjoy it. And of course Makenna enjoyed it! She was the last one to finish as usual.

Click here to see girls eating cake when they were 11 months old!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa was a failure...

Well we went to see Santa on Saturday, and it did not go so well as you can see from the pictures! Poor girls hated Santa, all three cried. I just sat them on his lap for a second to grab a picture, hopefully I didn't traumatize them too much! Most of the kids under 3 years old did the same exact thing. So it's not just mine!
Maysie was the last of the girls to sit with Santa. It was so funny, after I put Makenna on his lap and turned around to grab Maysie real quick, she swung around and started running away from me! HA HA HA, it was great. I caught her, and she was NOT happy! Gave everyone a good laugh though.
Makenna refusing to sit with Santa. I was so scared she was gonna kick him...where it hurts! She was just kicking away, couldn't even get a pick of her face.
Jaeli was devastated, you can see Grandpa's hands in the picture...I don't even think she sat on Santa's lap for a second! Thankfully Grandpa was able to take a couple minutes away from the other 8 grandkids that were there. He gets Grandpa Award of the Year for taking 8 kids by himself! All their mom's and dad's had to work! Even Josh got called in that morning to work. So it was Grandpa and Me watching over 12 kids!
Jace did not mind too much, he just looked at him, like who the heck are you and why are you holding me! At least he did not cry!

Doing some coloring before Santa arrives. They really were not into it much. But they were sitting at the tables quietly, so that was good!

The girls playing with their light up tooth brushes and Jace eating a chocolate chip cookie! Thanks Grandpa for keeping him happy (contained) so I could help the girls! I would have been chasing him around everywhere!

Been Rough...

Well its been very rough the last couple weeks. We have had four kick babies as well as Josh and I so that was not fun at all.

Makenna has been overly mean and destructive because she has a double ear infection. I am lost as what to do with her. I really don't know anymore. She can be the sweetest little girl and then the next second she is uncontrollable. I am going to try something new, we will see how it works.

Jaeli has been overly needy and clingy. It drives me absolutely nuts. If I am not holding her, then she is right there at my legs crying for me to pick her up. I just can't handle it anymore. I think she is getting her molars in, so she is in pain as well. She has had a fever on and off for a week. It never gets higher than 101, but she sure does act sick. She also lets you know when she wants your attention, and only her. She puked on me the other day just cause Jace was trying to get me to hold him too.

Maysie has been pretty good. Except for her testing me moments, she has been the easiest! Ever since she started her medicine for her urinary tract infection she has been overly goofy and behaving well..for the most part. Maybe its something in the medicine??

Jace just wants held all the time... it doesn't usually matter who is doing the holding, but lately it seems like its almost always me. So not only do I have Jaeli begging for my lap, I have him too. And then through Makenna into the equation, I just can't handle it some days!

Grandpa Jack, Grandma B and Grandpa have been LIFE SAVERS, they have either helped me with the kids or taken them so I could have a much needed break. Without these breaks, I don't think I could make it.

I hear 4 is better than 3, so I am hoping things start to slow down at age 4! I am hoping they are hitting 3's early and I will get 4's early. If I am really lucky, Jace will just skip the 3 year old stage and go right to 4. I can hope, right?

Some days I just feel like I am failing my kids, myself, because I can't handle them. I should be able to control them, but some days they control me. I lose my temper too easily, I need to stay more calm and just keep telling myself that they are 2 years old and don't know any better. They are just learning how things, life, work. But I act in the moment, I get angry too fast. I am teaching them the wrong things. My parents give me these breaks, so why isn't that enough to refresh myself and be good for a few more days? Those of you multiples mommas that do it all on your own all day, hats off to you, I don't think I could do it. I know I am doing the best I can and that is all I can do. My New Years Resolution this year so going to be working on staying calm and thinking before I act. PLEASE...wish me luck!

On a better note...

A huge thing that keeps me going is the hugs and smiles I get multiple times a day. All these GREAT moments I have, make all the BAD ones worth it. Every day there is something new they do to make me laugh. They are growing up fast...some days not fast enough. But some days... time flys!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My "Not" Professinal Pictures

We took the kids to get professional pictures the other day and it was NOT fun! They did not give one smile, not even Jace. They were not feeling well and were out of their normal. So I decided to give it a try myself. I always take um myself, but thought I would "try" to step it up a notch. They didn't turn out too bad for "NOT" being professional!