Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts

My computer has been down for a couple weeks now… so that is why no posts. Hopefully get it back soon and can update more often.

Makenna Reads Her First Book!

So proud of Makenna! She has really taken off in school and is even reading simple books now. I can tell she is trying so hard to figure out the words and even giving advice to Maysie and Jaeli who are not doing as well as she is. They are trying, it is just taking them a little longer. Hopefully they will catch on soon. I can't believe that by May, they will be reading more complicated books and even counting past 100! Crazy!

Christmas Time!

Can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner. Had some time the other day, so pulled out all the Christmas stuff and “Jingles” the elf. It isn’t working as well this year. They flip out when they are bad and “Jingles” or as they like to call her, “Sparkles” (She has a first and last name I guess), hears them and they are so upset they won’t get any presents... but then 5 minutes later they are bad again. May be the last year for Jingles the Elf.

They had fun putting up the tree, but they can’t leave the ornaments alone and it’s driving me crazy! Jace likes to put his stocking on as a sock too. I feel like I need to go back to when they were 2 years old and keep everything in the living room where they are not allowed to go. Geez!

Hopefully they get over the excitement soon and leave it all alone.

Jace is always getting hurt!

It never fails with Jace, he continues to get hurt day after day. I don’t remember the girls getting hurt this much at his age. I guess boys will be boys. He busted his lip three days in a row. First on a table at Grandma B’s house, then Makenna’s head at home and the next day on Makenna’s head again. Knock on wood, but thankfully no stitches yet. I am waiting for the call cause I am sure it is coming soon!

This little guy is growing up way to fast. He will be 4 in just a couple months. I can’t believe it. I miss my baby. I ask him if he wants me to have a baby and at first he said yes! So then I tell him that he won’t be my baby anymore, he will just be my big boy. He then changed his mind and since has always said no. Thank goodness… because you would have to lock me up if I had another one! Especially if it’s a boy… I don’t think I could do it again! He and his sisters are everything to me, he sure does make it interesting though and keeps me on my feet. He may be trouble… but I can’t imagine life without him. He will always be my baby and I will probably always spoil him.