Friday, May 16, 2014

First Zoo Trip this Year!

My mom and sisters took the kids to the zoo for Mothers Day. It was a good day for it, not too hot or cold and no rain! They had a blast of course.

School Field Trip

The girls had their last field trip to the State Park for this school year. They seemed to have a lot of fun. Rain or Shine they went and had many stories to tell!

Finally Spring is Here

They have been playing outside more and we had a beautiful day the other day and decided to have a picnic outside!

Jace Loves Ribs!

Josh brought home some ribs the other day and got the kids to try them. They LOVED them. I had to post this picture even though its not very clear. "Oh my belly is so full!" He just kept eating and eating!


The kids were invited to a birthday party last month and they got to go swimming afterwards. It was the first time since last summer they had been swimming. They had lots of fun!

The pic below is a bruise Maysie got from the pool... I believe she got pushed into the ladder, but she says it is when Daddy tossed her into the pool. They LOVE when daddy tosses them into the pool, especially Jace... he could take a face plant into the water and still come out smiling!