Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa's Message!

Makenna and Jace loved it! Jaeli and Maysie...well they were a bit scared, if when he was just on the computer screen as you will notice in the top video right at the beginning! Jaeli finally realized it was okay and watched her video, but Maysie refused to leave my arms.

Good vs Bad

Good verses bad. It's like day and night. When she has fructose, the above video is how she acts for 24 hours straight. Below is how she acts for days at a time when we cut it out of her diet. And the "bad" video does not show the complete effect of it, it is usually worse than what you will see. Before we cut out fructose, I just assumed it was 3 year old behavior, she was just much more outspoken and temperamental than the others. But after seeing the change, I KNOW there has to be something she is eating to cause her to have these major mood swings. It's just unbelievable. Ready to go to the doctor and have her tested so I know for sure or can look into other possibilities. I wont give up until I figure it out. Ask anyone who is close to her and they will tell you the same as me... there is a HUGE difference!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

RIP Whitney, you will be missed :-(.

 Jace sure did have fun with her. He LOVED to chase her and have her pull him along with her tail.
 Jaeli saying good bye to Whitney.
I had them all play with her for awhile last night and give her hugs and kisses. I only hope they will be able to remember her when they are older. They sure did have fun with her.

Well today was the day Whitney, our dog of 13.5 years was put to sleep today. Thankfully Josh was able to be with her and treated her to two juicy steaks and a walk around the neighborhood. Two of her FAVORITE things! I wish I could have been there but I don't think I could have handled it.

We have been preparing the kids for over a month now. We told them she was going to a farm to be with the other animals far away and we wont see her again. They are just too young to understand death right now. Some day.

Today when we got home, they asked if she was at the farm. I'll I could say was yes. It is too hard to talk about it or think about it. I honestly did not think I would be very emotional about it. But after talking to Josh after she had passed on, the tears came. I know she went peacefully and her time was much over do after losing her hearing, sight and control of her bowls. But it is still really hard. She was my only baby for 10 years and apart of this family for almost 14 years.

She is what got me through my first love. After we ended things, my parents felt sorry for me and let me bring her home. A friend of mine could not take care of her anymore, so I was lucky enough to take over.

She was the cutest puppy, so full of energy and life. At 2 months old she could shake. And within weeks, she knew how to sit, stay, speak, and do so many other tricks. She was very smart and always happy to play. Her favorite things were walks, rides in the car and FOOD!

 She was great at alarming us when someone was near, too good at it that she was barking ALL the time towards the end and just got to be overwhelming. Every high pitched noise bothered her, I am sure it was hurting her ears and she would get scared so quickly. Storms were the worst, but she was always scared of them, we knew they were coming before they got here.

The worst part of it all was the last few months she had been losing control of her bowls and could not help herself. So we were constantly cleaning up her poo and that too got to be overwhelming.

She was the best dog I have ever had and I only hope some day, just maybe, I will be lucky enough to have another dog just as good as her.

I know you LOVED having the kids around because of all the food you got to eat off the floor. You were so good with them and it never bothered you when they tugged or pulled your hair. They sure did love you and you made a great companion for them.

My biggest regret is not giving her the attention and love she deserved the last 4 years. I am truly sorry for that Whitney.

I am grateful I got to say good bye to you last night and this morning. You will be missed. Rest in peace Whitney, I know you are in a better place.

Here Come Santa!

 Okay mom, I sat on his lap, now where is my present?
 Get me outta here!
 Someone please get me now, please?
 I don't like this guy, where is my present?
 OH! There are the presents!
 Barbie Dolls!
 Mak loves the long hair on this one!
 Maysie loves her barbie doll! Later that day Mak asked me how she goes to the bathroom. What was I suppose to say, no clue!
 Jace was very happy with his Ken doll!
 Jaeli is a lot smarter than some may think... when they handed them the circles to toss in to the cups, the others tossed them as they said and missed and had to keep doing it until they got their prize (or so they though). As for Jaeli, she takes all of them at once and just sets them right there in one cup and takes a prize! Ha... she did it for almost every game! Smart cookie... cheater!
 Maysie was a good girl and played until she got it right!
 Mak trying to figure it out.
 Jace just wants to play with the bag!
Playing with their goodies from Santa!

Thanks Kathy, Kay, Kirby, Callie and Cory!

A big thanks to the kids Great Aunts and cousins. They LOVED their Christmas gifts. The girls are obsessed with dressing like their babies and love to read their book. Jace likes his back pack, although he gets it taken away from him a lot by his sisters. We are working on sharing... but the girls are having trouble accepting the fact its Jace's and not theirs. As for the hats and gloves... they are learning to put them on all by themselves, still struggling at times, but getting better. They love to walk around the house in them!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


 Laying in Grandma's bed waiting for Santa to come.
 They freaked out, especially MJ and JJ, they were not happy and started crying hysterically. I have a really good feeling this weekends visit with Santa will not go so well! Heck, Santa had a video message from them on the computer tonight and MJ and JJ ran from my computer crying hysterically and refused to watch unless I held them. Really? Wow, its gonna be an interesting weekend.
 Going outside to see the first snow of the winter!
 Watching Rodolph!
Very excited to see their Christmas Tree. They loved touching the bulbs and telling me which color of lights was their favorite. We have a much bigger one, but its in the room they are not aloud in. They can see it through the fire place, and they know that is where Santa will put their gifts. So Christmas morning should be fun!!!


Well the kids did great trick or treating. They would not say it, but LOVED getting the candy of course. Jace kept stealing pieces when I was not looking and putting them in his mouth, paper and all. They all got a few pieces after dinner, well I guess you could say for dinner. After that they got one a night for a couple nights and it has not stopped! Need to break this habit some how.

Grandma B pulled out all our old Halloween costumes and let the kids play dress up, of course they had a blast doing it!



This creature... not sure what it is buy there was another one a couple months before this, but smaller. It was not moving much, so thought it might have died... but after seeing this one, maybe it is the same one. The kids love looking and watching it. They each got to hold it as well. They let him go soon after and I think he headed back for the pool!

Jaeli... SASSY!

Oh my Jaeli, she is a unique one, that is for sure. See the photo just above... yeah, she thought she could wear her babies dress! She could not get it off. And then you see the one with the diaper on her head. She is very CREATIVE. She is the most laid back, but at times she can be the meanest. She likes to go up to her siblings and just hit them or scratch um, or whatever she feels like...and its out of the blue, for no reason at all. I do love the fact that she is a GREAT sleeper. She LOVES to sleep. If she does not get a full nights sleep, she lets you know she is not happy about it with her attitude. She can be very grumpy without the right amount of sleep. She still LOVES playing with Maysie and would prefer her over Makenna, but thankfully, Maysie still does not have a favorite and will include Makenna even if Jaeli want. Jaeli is the meanest to Jace... poor guy, she just sits on him or pushes him or grabs his head and pulls. I don't know what to do with her half the time. But my Jaeli Jo is so sweet, love her sweetness and laid back personality. If I need some loving, I know where to go! Oh, I can't forget her baby doll. That doll is her best friend and I don't know if she will EVER give it up. Hopefully it can be replaced with the new one Santa MAY be bringing her!