Friday, November 7, 2014

Makenna gets a gift!

Makenna received a gift from a very special little girl. Her name is Makenna, she is 3 years old. Her nickname is also Mak and she has Fructose Malabsorption as well. Makenna felt very special!

Jace & Construction

Jace loves to watch the construction on the house. I let him sit outside and watch for a little bit while the guys worked.

An End to the Summer Part 1 of 2

Fall has come and summer is gone for now. We had a great summer with lots of fun and memories made! Here are a few pictures.
The kids won 7 fish from Street Fair - Well 4 of them were given to us! They survived... less than 24 hours.
 I can't believe some of the rides they went on. Maysie and Jace did the most rides and loved it!
 They have to do this one every year! They love the BIG slide!
Poor Makenna fell down after getting out of a bounce house and did a face plant. After that she was done and asked to go back to Grandma's. It was disappointing just because she is usually the one wanting to go on all the fun rides with Daddy. I guess there is always next year.
 Jace loves watching the construction happening on the house. He wants to do it when he grows up.
The kids LOVE playing outside and riding their bikes. I love the street we live on. Its so quiet and pretty safe.
 Cooper has to join in on the fun and of course he needs a comfy chair to sit in!
Career Day at school was a hit! Mak and Maysie were Veterinarians and Jaeli wanted to be a Farmer. Jace wanted to join in and be a Cowboy.
 Silly Boy wearing Mommy's old glasses... he wants a pair for himself. Lets hope not!
Halloween! The kids all dressed up as Doc McStuffins stuffed animals. Jaeli was the first to want to dress up as one of them and I convinced the others to join in. I will have to let them all choose next year, its the last time they will dress up as a group :-(.
Makenna wanted so bad to be a Vampire, as they are all obsessed with them right now. I wasn't quite ready for it so I told her she could do it next year. She wants the fangs and all!
We had a great time camping this year with friends and family. These are precious moments being made and I am so grateful the kids get to experience it. I think we took a total of 6 this summer.