Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just Some Pictures

Makenna enjoying her raft my mom got her for their pool!
Makenna chilling on a pillow!
Makenna walking, she is walking lots more lately!
Jaeli showing her belly, I think she might be a "dancer" when she gets older!
Jaeli playing with toys, happy as could be!
Jaeli reading her book, makes her even more happy!
Maysie clapping her hands, she loves to clap and wave and sign #1!
Maysie trying to get a toy and falls in!
Maysie laughing and giggling!
All three with grandpa!

Monday, June 29, 2009


So the girls will be ONE in 3 days! I can't believe how fast it went.

Not a lot has changed, Makenna is officially walking. She still crawls a lot, but loves to walk! Maysie and Jaeli are starting to cruise, but not very well. Hopefully they pick it up soon. They pretty much do everything except walk! I am hoping they are walking in the next month, so we will see!

We have changed our schedule. They are now mainly depending on solids. Makenna has become very picky. I try new things, and she has no interest, she just spits it out and puts something else in!

We are transitioning to milk and its going pretty well. I still have to warm the bottles for Maysie and Jaeli, but hopefully over time they will start drinking it cold. They now only get 3 bottles of milk per day. One in the morning, late afternoon and before bedtime. They are still not too sure about the juice, but it seems like they drink a little more every day.

The new schedule has also helped a bit with the fussyiness from 6-8 p.m. every night. I am now giving them a snack around 4:30 with their bottle and then feeding dinner around 6 instead of 4:30. I think once they get used to it, it will be even better!

I have also decided to let them fight it out now. It is just getting to be tiresome stopping them every time they fight. Jaeli is the only one who has a lot of trouble with it. She loves her books, and when the others take it away, she just gets so upset. So I have been trying to get her to take it back on her own. Hopefully she will catch on. Maysie and Makenna don't usually mind too much when something is taken away. They think its funny some of the time!

I will try to post some pictures soon, I have been pretty busy...and lazy when it comes to posting new pics!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great News... Maysie Update

Maysie did great today! She got a little fussy towards the end of the Echo, but that is expected after laying on a table getting pocked at for over 30 minutes! We then went to see the doctor and he came in very excited! He informed me that Maysie DOES NOT have to have surgery, and the hole in her heart went from 3mm to 1mm! It got a tad bit bigger last time we went, so we were hoping it didn't this time. I am very relieved and happy! We just have to have a check up in 6 months to see if it has closed completly. If not, then we just keep following up until it does! Way To Go Maysie!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swimming & Maysie Update

So the girls have been swimming a few times already! I don't have any of Jaeli yet because she was with my mom when I took these pics of Makenna and Maysie. They seem to enjoy it!

As for Maysie, she goes in tomorrow to have an Echo done on her heart to see if we need to have heart surgery. I think she will be fine, so lets keep our fingers crossed! I will keep you updated!
Maysie first time eating a flavor ice!
Makenna's first time eating a flavor ice!
After she was done!
All three eating breakfast!!! Jaeli, Makenna, Maysie

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day!

I wanted to say something about my wonderful husband, Josh!

This long journey has been so many different things. We have had some struggles with the girls, but honestly, its not even close to being as bad as we were afraid it was going to be. I thank Josh for that. And it has been so rewarding! We are there for each other, we make it work, we make it as easy as we can for each other, we make every moment worth it. He has been the greatest father you could wish for. None of this would have been possible without him. He loves his girls to pieces, and they love him! Thank you Josh for being such a great father!

Here are a few samples to show you what kind of dad my wonderful husband is:

From the moment they came home, Daddy took care of the 12 a.m., 3 a.m., & 6 a.m. feedings. And a year later, he is still the one who takes care of us in the middle of the night if we need it. (Thankfully its not so much anymore!)

Daddy changes diapers, even the stinky ones!

Daddy lets mom get away whenever she needs it, no questions asked and doesn't expect anything in return!

Daddy even plays with us when he is suppose to be sleeping!

Most of all, Daddy gives us all the love in the world!

I would also like to thank My dad for helping us in any way he can and Josh's dad for helping us with the girls every day! Happy Father's Day to you both!

Happy Father's Day to all you other Dad's!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We were very bored and cranky the other night, so I gave the girls some cups to play with! It kept them occupied for about 20 minutes!

So my girls are generally in a good mood and very happy, except from 6-8 p.m., as I have mentioned before. They just cry and fight and are so so tired! I think I should start putting them to bed earlier, but then I am afraid they will be up earlier and mess up our schedule! It could just be that they are very bored of doing the same thing over and over. So hopefully we sell the house and find something with a big play room or two! And I can have my living room back!

Makenna is taking more steps every day! She just may be walking before they turn ONE!

Jaeli is still my sweet baby, she loves to look at books. She hates it very much when her sisters steal her books from her!

Maysie is so silly, always has a silly face and clapping or waving. She always makes me laugh!

They have all cut down on the formula a lot. They don't really drink much after their meals, but at least they know how to drink from the Sippy now!

Shout Out:
I would like to send a shout out to one of my fellow readers... Hello from the triplets to Miss Emily from South Dakota!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sippy Cup Break Through!

We have been working with the sippy cups every once in awhile. Well 4 days ago I decided to go cold turkey at their afternoon and early evening bottles! It took 3 days and they finally all finished them! I was so proud. Maysie would just cry and cry and would not drink it. So she did not have any formula at those feedings for 3 days. She was getting enough from her morning and night bottle so I was not too worried. Jaeli caught on pretty fast but would only drink half of it. Makenna has been doing it for awhile, so I was not worried about her! We will see if they stick to it! I thought it would be much harder though. We use the rubber spouts which I think are easier and better for them. They are more like bottles then the hard spouts. I heard from others that the harder spouts can cause problems. So I think we are going to stick with these until we transition to straw ones or regular cups! The doc said they need to be on sippys by 1 year old, so we are doing really good! They are depending more now on finger foods, so they are getting less interested in the formula, which should make it easier when we switch to milk.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just some more pictures

This seems to be their favorite place! The Hallway!
Trying out sippy cups! Did not go so well, so we went back to the rubber spouts!
Maysie is now starting to use her mouth more. For instance...opening this book on the table!
Jaeli loves to read...always makes her happy until one of the others take it from her!
My monkey, she is always playing with toys using her hands and feet...even drinking her bottle!

Not much to report on! The doctor said they should be on sippy cups by 1 year old. So we are trying...not going to hot! Makenna has no problem with the rubber spout, she has been using it for a long time now at every feeding. Jaeli and Maysie want their BOTTLE nipple!!! So I decided to just go cold turkey for their afternoon and dinner bottle. They are now going to use the sippy nipples and hope they catch on soon. (I think we are going to wait on actual sippy cups with the harder spout until they get these down.) They are getting more than enough formula, so it should be okay. I have been trying to offer more solids at meal times so they don't depend on the formula so much. Makenna is only suppose to have 18 oz, but they all get 24-26 oz. So we need to slow down anyways. Wish us luck!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I will try and get some pictures posted soon...the girls have me busy! We have to start planning their birthday party! Should be fun...and interesting! Not too many updates really. Makenna is still a little scared to take steps on her own...but she has taken a few here and there. Jaeli and Maysie are crawling like crazy and pushing themselves up and down. They all go where ever they want now! Its gonna get crazy once MJ and JJ learn how to cruise like MK! I am sure its coming soon! We are also starting to slow down on formula...and I am having lots of trouble teaching them to drink their bottles sitting up. But I guess they will catch on eventually. It is almost time to start sippy's full-time! We will see how that goes! Ha!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

11 Months Old - Birthday Picture

I wanted to get a good picture to put on their birthday invitations! I think this will work! Man was it funny...and I was sweating by the time I was done. I had to clean each of them off in the sink afterwords. They were a MESS!!! It took Jaeli and Maysie awhile to catch on, but Makenna sure dug right in...hands and feet! (Thanks Grandpa for the help!) Luckily I was smart about it and did it in-between mealtime and bottle time. So they got their bottle right after, which gave me time to clean up!

So the girls are 11 months old today! Not much has changed, they have been interacting with each other a lot more. Lots of kisses and laughing at each other. It has been getting rough at night from about 5:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. when they get their bottle and then bedtime. I think between teething and being bored because of the lack of a play area, they are just crabby! Hopefully we can get the house sold and find a better house that will give us more room! Speaking of teething, I think Makenna is getting 3 up top and 1 more on bottom! That will make a total of 4 on bottom and 3 on top! Jaeli is biting everything and crying out of the blue a lot lately, so I think some teeth are getting ready to come in. Maysie has been pretty good, she has been much happier ever since she learned how to crawl and go where ever she wants! Only one more month and we will be the big ONE!!! Where did my babies go???