Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feeding Time

Well we are learning every day. If it wasn't for the pillows, I don't know what we would do! They are a life saver, time saver! It takes one of us about 30 minutes to feed all three when we don't have anyone here to help us. It gives the other one a little more time to sleep. On a good night, I get about 7 hours of sleep...if I am lucky, I get 5 hours of sleep. On a bad night, I only get 4 hours of sleep! I am so ready for a 4 hour schedule or for them to at least sleep 6 hours straight. But who knows if or when that will happen! I have heard that when they hit about 13 lbs, they should sleep 12 hours straight...I can only hope! Above are some pics of feeding time and tummy time!

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