Monday, March 11, 2013

Last Snow Day!

I am hoping this was the last time to play in the snow this winter. I am so so so ready for summer. The kids are excited about camping and I am excited about chilling outside letting them play in the backyard, hopefully we have the fence I have been asking for, for almost 3 years now. PLEASE!! It would just be nice to open the back door and let um go have fun and not have to worry where they are running off to. They would get more outside time!

So I thought i would take them outside, sadly for the first time by myself, and let them have fun in the snow one last time. They did great, listened well and even got them all back inside without a fight... with a bribe of course!
 Our first official snowman. Last time the snow would not stick together well. It was fun making it... with their help of course! Makenna, Jaeli, Maysie and Jace was standing by me during the pick.
 Jace checking out Mr. Snowman. Mak wanted to make the hair out of leaves, how cute!
 I even got up in the attic by myself and got the sled down. Gave me a work out and then they started pulling each other.
 Miss JJ having a blast!
 Mak ready to put hair on the snowman!
Jace wanting me to be done withe pic already so he could go play. Mak kept throwing snowballs at him and it was going down his back so he was not very happy!
Miss Maysie having a great time!

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