Monday, May 20, 2013

Final Preschool Parent Teacher Conference!

The girls will be graduating from Pre-School in less than 2 weeks. They are standing in front of their lockers with a picture they drew for their teacher, Ms. Deb and also Ms. Carla while we waited for the conference to start.

Makenna is doing excellent, right where she needs to be. Maysie and Jaeli need to get better socially, but will hopefully be okay. They speak so softly it is hard for the teachers to hear them. So if they can start speaking up... they might do okay. They tend to look to Makenna for help more often than not... so splitting them up in Kindergarten seems like the best option and it will hopefully help open them up a bit. I am a bit sad, since they wont have each other when they are scared or nervous and wont have me, grandma or daddy either. But I am sure it will be harder on me than them.

Congrats Girls! Now we enter Jace into Pre-School, same class they were in. He will have two years of it though... much needed!

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