Monday, January 27, 2014

Makenna Has A Bad Episode

 The doll Makenna murdered!
 Makenna left us a message on our door.
 She is not feeling very well at all.
 Circles under her eyes are one of the main symptoms of eating bad sugar.
 Belly aches, insomnia and irritability.
 I put up Maysie's hair and Jaeli decided she wanted hers up too. (top)
 this picture hides Maysies new haircut pretty well!
Maysie's new haircut, thanks to Makenna!

Makenna came home on a Friday and told me her teacher gave the class peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on cinnamon bread. Makenna told her she couldn't have jelly but could have the cinnamon bread and peanut butter... so she let her. Needless to say, the bread was very bad for her. Makenna thought she could have it, but it was the wrong brand.

The next day, Saturday, she was up all night. She came in and out of her room for awhile as the others were asleep. There were some minor mood swings and her rash was starting. We knew what was to come.

Well in the morning, on Sunday, the kids played for a couple hours and then I was talking to Maysie and was shocked when I looked up at her head and noticed much of her hair was cut. When I asked her what she did to her hair, she said she didn't do anything and started crying. I overreacted a bit... but I was just so upset. Then somehow Jaeli knew, and said Makenna did it. She denied it at first and later admitted to it after we discovered she had wrote on our door, destroyed a baby doll... well murdered the baby doll and cut up a blanket and pillow case. I am sure there was some other stuff done too we haven't discovered. Oh, and we found out she cut Maysie's hair while she was asleep.

I was so very upset that her teacher was specifically told at the beginning of the year she only gets food we give her. I sent her teacher an email and she took full blame for it and lots of apologize. She felt horrible, especially after finding out what she had done to Maysie. It wont be happening again, that is for sure.

Sunday we went to Grandma's for lunch and one of the foods for lunch was peas. Mak tried a couple and liked them, so we let her have a handful.

The rest of the week Makenna looked very ill, circles under her eyes, bad rash on her bottom, insomnia, mood swings, a little rage at times and belly aches. I couldn't believe she was still reacting from the bread. It usually only lasts 3-5 days. At this point, it had been 4 days so I was hoping it would end soon but just seemed to get worse. Well Monday I was doing some research on fruits she can eat and discovered peas are very bad for her. So I am sure those prolonged her episode and made it even worse. So no more peas! However, a reaction from peas is not as bad as a reaction from "High fructose corn syrup" which was most likely in the bread, but the two of them put together within a matter of days made this the worst reaction we have had in a very long time.

Today, about 1 1/2 weeks later, she is finally better!

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