Monday, January 7, 2013


Grandma B and I took the kids to see the Dinosaurs at the Coliseum this weekend. They were so excited! The one thing they were looking for to doing the most was riding them. They talked about it for a couple days. It was EXPENSIVE! But it was worth it, they had so much fun.

Walking around, looking at all the dinosaurs. Mak was in a "mood" so she was a bit difficult, but was able to manage and still enjoy herself.
JJ just started to get excited as you can see from her face! MJ was still very scared and would not get close to any of the dinosaurs!
Maysie very scared!
Having fun!
They enjoyed being able to touch them!
Mak went first, she seemed to enjoy herself. She did not like waiting in line and said she had to go potty about 3 times in the 10 minutes we waited. Again - it was the mood she was in.
Jace having fun!
Got a smile out of Miss Mak!
Jace does not talk much, but he does talk and when we told him about the dinosaurs, he would not shut up about it! So cute!
JJ surprised me and did great! She was not afraid and had a blast.
Look at that smile!
Maysie a bit scared. At first she said she did not want to ride. But once she saw her brother and sisters do it, she said she would.
I think Maysie ended up having a good time riding the dinosaur!

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