Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh Jace!

We have play dates often with some good friends of ours and the kids all love hanging out together... usually! The two girls on the ends are Liberty and Eliana and then Jace and Jaeli in the middle. Well the girls are each 9 months apart from Jace, one older, one younger. Eliana, the younger one LOVES Jace, except when she is with him and they fight usually. Love/Hate relationship! She is always telling her mom she is going to marry Jace. Jace really never said anything about it. So the other day when they were over, Jace and Liberty played really well together and were having so much fun. So I look over and see them sitting on the couch holding hands. How cute! Their mom says, hey Eliana, look at Jace and Liberty. She looks over and says "No, I am going to marry Jace!" It was too funny, too cute! Jace likes the attention I think! He is a lady's man! Ha... oh boy, we may be in trouble! (Notice the hand holding and how pissed off Eliana looks... and J.J. just sat their trying to make them all friends!)

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