Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We got a Dog!

Cooper! I finally talked Josh into letting me get a god. My dog of 13 years, Whitney passed away a couple years ago and after that I didn't really want another one. But the last few months I had been thinking about it and decided I was ready. I knew it would be a lot of work and would have to deal with the shedding and messes and attention for the dog, but I want the kids to grow up with one. So I took a trip to the shelter by myself and checked out a few of the dogs and LOVED Cooper (Rigby was his name there). So I talked it over with Josh and brought him home soon after. The kids had to go meet him first to make sure all would go well and they all seemed to love each other. He was more potty trained than they thought... so that was a plus. So far the only negatives are his shoe fetish, he ruined two pairs of shoes one day when I left him out while I went to the store. So he stays in his room... the laundry room now. We took out the shower and made a little bed in there for him. He has a little room to roam while we are gone... but he likes to chew up the linoleum. So I usually have a mess to clean up. Hopefully he out grows it. But that room will be gutted one day, so not too worried about what he destroys. The kids LOVE him and have so much fun with him. I think they overwhelm him at times, but he seems to enjoy them too. He can get a little rough when they get him worked up. He doesn't bite, but he does nip and sometimes it can hurt! And then the nails can scratch them pretty bad if they are not careful. But they are learning. I think he is going to be a great family dog and we will have many great memories with him. Hoping he does well camping. Jace calls him his buddy. Josh said one time, Cooper put his paw on Jace and scratched him... not on purpose of course, but Jace says something like, "Don't hurt me, you are my buddy!" Too cute! They are best buddies! Nice to have another male in the house, even if it is a dog!

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